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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

June 1, 2013

Helen asks…

Do I have to tell my insurance company when taking out a policy, if my motorbike is a category D write off?

My policy states I should advise if the bike is modified, altered or converted from original manufacturer specification, they need to be advised. This was not the case when I purchased the bike – it was only fairing/plastics that needed replacing, it was mechanically sound and had a new MOT. It was completely repaired and put back to standard manufacturer specification with no alteration, had been serviced and was completely roadworthy. My insurance questions do not ask if it has been ‘repaired’ – only if its been altered or converted. Do I need to state it was registered as a Category D from its previous owners insurance? Will it affect my own insurance if I do not? Any help appreciated – thanks.

Administrator answers:

No you don’t the question isn’t asked, also it assumes that all car owners know if there car was at sometime a right off and all owners get a hpi check done and thy don’t.
It might affect a claim because the value is generally car was a cat d and because of this i paid around £3000 less than book price but if i wrote it off i would expect to get less.and there is a big difference between a cat b and a cat d.

Sandra asks…

Is it legal to ride a 50cc with a 80cc bore kit on a provisional licence?

I’m looking at a motorbike, possibly looking to buy. The only problem is that it has an 80cc bore kit fitted. Would be legal for me to ride this bike with a provisional licence (which only allows me to ride a motorbike with a cc of no more than 50), or would it have to be removed?

Administrator answers:

Back in the day I had a chopped out 1971 Honda CB 500cc with a 750 big bore kit in it. The title said 500cc, the registration said 500cc, therefore being labeled as a smaller cubic incher it saved me money on insurance. It’s more or less the same scenario. Nobody knows what’s inside unless honesty is your best policy.

Daniel asks…

If I get a loan to buy a sports bike, do I have to get insurance on it?

I live in Florida, and as far as I know you don’t need insurance on a bike. But I was wondering, if I take out a loan to buy it, do I have to get insurance then?

Administrator answers:

If the bank loans you money to buy a vehicle, whether it be a car or motorbike, you have to carry comprehensive and collision coverage. If you had the money to pay for the bike, you would not need the loan, right? If you don’t have the coverage, and the bike is stolen or wrecked, how are you going to pay the loan? That is why banks require you to carry insurance, and if you do not provide proof, they may place coverage and bill you for the premium.

Paul asks…

What should I know before buying a motorcycle in Maryland?

Several questions here:

(1) How much does a motorcycle cost? Not a Harley or anything, I’m thinking a speedbike sorta thing. And I’m on a very strict budget, so low-end price range here.

(2) How much does auto insurance cost? I’m under 21, so insurance is inherently expensive for me. That’s why I want to buy a motorcycle in the first place.

(3) What do I have to do as far as a motorcycle license? I live in Maryland. What are the prerequisites? What course(s) do I need to take and how much do they normally cost?

Thanks a lot.

Administrator answers:

The cops are very strict about motorcycle so be careful if u get 1 ticket u might as well kiss ur lincense goodbye and dont get one from Perrys Motorbikes on 3rd Street they run bad

Lisa asks…

How much does it cost to run a motorbike?

I a currently running a 1.6 Vauxhall Astra at the moment and i am paying £2000 insurance a year and probably around £30 in petrol every week as it is getting really expensive to run now. I am thinking about getting a motorbike license so that i can get a motorbike which would be cheaper to run and easier to use.

Just wondering if anybody has any information on the running costs of a bike and are they better than cars or should i just stick with my car ??

Administrator answers:

My old Honda Rebel 250cc got 72 miles per gallon and my Suzuki Savage 650cc got 56 miles per gallon (US gallons). Liability insurance used to cost me about $190 a year and property taxes ran about $30 a year. A scooter should get you around 90-100 miles per gallon. In my opinion, the public transportation system in London was top notch when we visited in May. Park the car and take the tube or bus, oh and mind the gap.

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