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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

May 12, 2013

Sandy asks…

How much was your insurance for your first 125cc motorbike?

So im 19 years old and got my CBT test passed and i am getting a Honda CBF125 brand new for £2400 and it will be locked away in a garage at night i live in a low crime area aswell and im looking for comprehensive insurance and im using price comparison websites and im getting quotes at nearly £800-£900. Was anyone else getting quotes this high when they got there first insurance? And where is the best place to get quotes?

Administrator answers:

I never had a 125cc but I think I paid 300 a year for my xs250

Michael asks…

what is the time limit for insurance company to settle my motorbike and bodily injury ?

it is being 7 months already and no respond from insurance company.

Administrator answers:

Who’s insurance company is it, yours, or theirs?

The other person’s insurance has NO obligation to settle your claim. YOU have a time limit – which varies from state to state, but is usually 2 years – when you can sue the guy that hit you.

If you don’t sue them, ie, file lawsuit papers, within that time limit, then it’s too late, and you won’t GET a settlement.

If this is YOUR insruance company, call them every week until you get paid for whatever coverages you bought. It’s been too long already.

George asks…

where can i get the cheapest motorbike insurance?

Hello, am currently 16 but very soon will be 17 and i am going to get my full motorbike license so i can rid a 125cc motorbike. I have been looking around for insurance quotes and so far all have been very expensive even third party only at around £900. The motorbike i want to get is a yamaha r125 yzf and am wondering if any of you have some advice?

Administrator answers:

Just like everyone shopping around is the only way. Prices can vary from day to day and the best one today could be the most expensive tomorrow.
£1200 to £900 fully comp is about the going rate for a teen on a 125cc but of course for some, particularly on higher crime and claim risk postcodes it will be more expensive

Nancy asks…

What is a good 50cc motorbike for a 16yo?

I am currently 15, turning 16 in july and I am wondering which motorbike I should get. I have had my view on the derbi gpr racing 50 , aprilia rs4 50 , derbi xtreme 50 and derbi gpr nude 50 but can’t quite decide. Knowing that I am about 177cm and 95kg, what would be the best bike for me and how fast could each one go (unrestricted)?
I am also looking for a website where I can learn about motorcycle mechanic from the very basic.
The country I live in allows you to get your learner at 15yo, the learner allowing you to ride unrestricted 50cc motorbikes, I am sure of it.

Administrator answers:

At the age of 16, you can only ride a moped on the road. A ‘moped’ is legally defined as, “Any motorcycle or scooter, with an engine capacity of less than 50cc, which is restricted to no more than 31mph”.

Since de-restricting a moped will invalidate your insure, how fast one will go if it is de-restricted is utterly irrelevant. If you decided to break the law, by riding without valid insurance, the police have to power to seize and crush your moped.

All the mopeds you have listed are better than buying a Chinese one, but they are less reliable than a Japanese one.

The best way to learn about motorcycle mechanics is with a manual and a bike.

Donald asks…

How Much Is Motorbike Insurance for an 18 Year Old?

Hi! Just want to know a rough estimate of how much it would cost to insure a Honda Hornet 600cc for an 18-19 year old on a full licence. I just need a rough idea so i know what to expect :D Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Ignore them muppets they think your on about a car. I know your on a full motorcycle licence and you are ridding a 600cc but I ride a 125cc I had 1 years no claim bonus from my 50cc I’m on a cbt and I have a £500 excess it came to £389 fire and theft with ramps dale unfortunately I could have had fully comp for £300 but I needed insurance as soon as possible you could just do a insurance quote and that will give your answer I don’t want to guess how much it will be butniv given you a rough idea from a 125cc but do a quote that will give you the answer you need mate

Charles asks…

Changing insurance from a cbt to a full motorbike licence?

I am currently 16 and becoming 17 this month. I already have my 125cc motorbike in my garage, I want to insure it on my birthday on a CBT but want to pass my motorbike test so I can ride on motorways and get rise of my L plates. My question is if I’m already insured with a CBT, what will it cost me to change to swap to a full motorbike licence. Will my insurance company charge me anymore?

Administrator answers:

Let me see if I understand this correctly. You had two options:

Option 1 – Contact your insurance company, ask them and get a 100% accurate answer to the question.
Option 2 – ask a bunch of strangers on the internet, none of whom work for your insurance company, and get some wildly inaccurate guesses.

Why did you choose Option 2?

John asks…

What are the best first motorbikes to look at?

I’m a complete beginner; I don’t have loads of money, I don’t know anything about motorbikes and I’m hoping to get my first one in a few months. What are some of the best secondhand ones to look at buying? What good motorbikes are cheapest to insure?

Administrator answers:

Stick with the Japanese Big Four in order to get good value and quality: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Buy one with one or two cylinders, 500cc or less. Buy a used one 5 years old or less. Find someone with motorcycle experience to sort through the good, the bad and the ugly ones. If you know no one who can help, buy from a dealer. You will pay a bit more, but they have a reputation to maintain, so they won’t screw you, and you might get a brief warranty. Don’t buy ANY bike without checking on your insurance cost–it can be a deal-breaker.
Sign up for the MSF (in the US) basic riding course. I would suggest taking the course BEFORE buying–it will give you at least a clue as to what you may want in the way of a bike. Also, some people decide by the end of the course that motorcycling doesn’t suit them, after all.

David asks…

Do I need a restriction certificate for my motorbike?

Im restricted to 33bhp for two years (old rules) and getting a 600cc bike soon. Will my insurance ask me for a certificate to prove its restricted? Or can I get away without restricting it.

Administrator answers:

“Will my insurance ask me for a certificate to prove its restricted?”
Most insurance companies will want proof, yes.

“Or can I get away without restricting it.”
Probably not.
The offence for not doing so, would be “Driving otherwise in accordance with a licence” (an offence which carries fines of up to £1000, 3-6 penalty points and a discretionary disqualification from driving). It would also invalidate your insurance (an offence carries which fines of up to £5,000, 6 penalty points and a discretionary disqualification from driving. Your bike would also be seized and sent to be crushed for scrap).
Whether or not you think it’s worth the risk, is up to you…

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