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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

May 4, 2013

Sharon asks…

Car insurance is way to high! If I drive a motorbike for a year or two how much would this reduce my car?

I am 19 and have passed my car driving licence 2 months ago. The insurance for all the cars I have looked at are way to high. More than £2500.

I am doing my CBT next week, I was wondering if I drive a moped or 125cc for a year or two will this reduce my car insurance, please help as I need to get on the road. Thankyou.

Administrator answers:

Don’t know what’s the cheapest, but I know what’s NOT – any “high risk” insurer (the kind of company that gives you “minimum coverage”.).,….

Those insurance companies may spin it as “we sell you minimum coverage to save you money,” but they charge *a lot* for very little.

Lisa asks…

How do i buy a motorbike?

I want to buy a motorbike but i dont have a liscence, so how do i go from buying the motorbike and registering it to a motorycle rider traading scheme and getting my liscence? I mean how do i get it from the dealer to the course with no liscence?

Administrator answers:

If you have a truck you can transport it in the truck, otherwise, as far as where i live, you have to have a license and insurance to pick up the bike and ride it home, i dunno about insurance laws in your country, but you could get someone else to ride it to the course for you if you dont need insurance, which i highly doubt

Ken asks…

Am i legally allowed to drive a 50cc geared motorbike on the road at the age of 16?

if i have a CBT can i legally ride a 50cc motorbike on the road in the UK?

Administrator answers:

Yes. With A CBT, Provisional License With A Road Legal Helmet.
But Buy:
1. Helmet (Good Make, Arai, AGV, KBC Etc…)
2. Good protective Jacket (CE Approved Armour)
3. Good Boots
4. Good Gloves
5. TPF&T Insurance Or Fully Comp. Don’t Go For Third Party Only.

Be Safe And Ride Carefully

Donna asks…

what motorbike would you consider to be the best and cheapest 125cc for a beginning rider?

and i would be very helpful if you could tell me whether the insurance etc would be expensive or not and maybe put a link in?

thanks very much :)

Administrator answers:

125 are for girls

Michael asks…

Will my driving convictions affect my motorbike licence?

I have a couple driving convictions on my full drivers licence and I’m thinking about doing an intensive direct access motorbike course – if I pass, will I just have the one licence for both car and bike and when I go to insure my bike will I have to tell insurer about my convictions on car?

Administrator answers:

Driving convictions effect all of your driver’s licenses including your motorcycle license.

You may as well just tell the insurance company. Chances are, they will find out anyway when they run your driving record through the computer system. If you lie on your application, your policy would only get canceled immediately for putting false information on the application.

So sad that integrity is going away.

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