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April 16, 2013

Susan asks…

Travel insurance for Canadian Expat living in South Korea when traveling to Southeast Asia?

Hi! I am a Canadian citizen moving to South Korea for a year in a couple of months. I know that while I am there, the school I am teaching with provides me with Korean medical insurance. However, while on that side of the world, I plan to do a lot of traveling, especially throughout Southeast Asia. What type of travel insurance would I need to purchase for that?

Administrator answers:

Your Answer:
I use World Nomads at about $650 per annum. Whatever you choose read the fineprint, all of it, its too late when you’re lying in some filthy hospital and being told your insurance will not pay for your treatment. No money, no treatment, simple! There are so many ”out” clauses in insurance policies. You may have read about the young Canadian guy who went to Vietnam to teach English a few years ago. Part of his contract was for full medial/evacuation insurance. His employer didn’t pay it and after a motorcycle accident his mother had to mortgage her house to get him home. $140’000 US to stabilize him in Vietnam and Thailand and medivac him back to Canada. Unfortunately after showing signs of recovery he passed away 2 months later leaving his mother a huge bill to try and pay off. Another thing is to check the different countries laws especially when it come to riding a motorbike or driving a car. Some countries recognize International Licences, some don’t, Vietnam is one country that doesn’t. Have an accident here without a valid Vietnamese license and your insurance company will not cover you, and even if you do have one they will ask for a police report as to what you were wearing, ie helmet, safety gear, gloves etc etc. Choose wisely and don’t buy any policy you haven’t fully read. Good luck.
P.S. And don’t be afraid to call the company and ask questions.

Robert asks…

How to persuade my dad about me getting a motorbike?

Im 16 getting a motorbike, thing is my dad is against it because they are more vonurable, ive told him about defensive riding and stuff hes just being a idiot. I need to be able to like compare it to something as equally dangerous which he does. He speaks on handsfree in a car? how would I persuade him? I have my mom on board

Administrator answers:

Hes also against it because your insurance will be a shit ton of money and he dosent want to pay for it

George asks…

Can i get Insurance for a custom made bike?

I want to build a off-road but road legal motorbike. I know what requirements i need to make it legal but can i get it insured?

Administrator answers:

Yes, it will probably cost ya though.

Lizzie asks…

What is the best motorbike for beginners?

I’m looking for a cheap bike, in cost and insurance to learn how ride on.

Where do i start?


Administrator answers:

Beware of “cheap” bikes, you may run into problems. If your gonna be learning to ride a bike, MY advise is not to get one thats over a 350cc. Trust me, a 350 has MORE than enough power in it, its good on fuel, and the insurance shouldnt be to expencive. Look thru the want ads for someone that has one and has (depending on the year of the bike) no more than 15000 miles on it. Check the tires, oil, tank, carbs, chain, breaks. Ask to see service records or parts receipts for anything that the owner replaced as to when and what was replaced.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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