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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

March 22, 2013

Sharon asks…

What is the average insurance on a motorbike?

Hi I would like to know what the insurance is on a bike, preferably a ‘Yamaha YZF R125′
Thanks xx

Administrator answers:

Average fifty bucks

William asks…

Do you need a license to ride a motorbike in shanghai?

I heard some ppl saying that you dont need a license to ride a motorbike in shanghai. Im looking to buy one of those 125cc cross bikes..does any one know whr to find them? How are these bikes, what r the legalities of riding these in shanghai?

Administrator answers:

You must be licensed by Chinese authorities to drive a motorcycle anywhere in China. Low-power motor scooters do not require a license. Obviously, a 125cc is a motorcycle, so it requires a license to drive.

The central office for foreign driver’s license application in Shanghai is near Chun Shen Station (off of #5 subway line). Applications must be made in-person. Bring your valid passport, temporary residence certificate, foreign driver’s license, and cash payment. After inspection and approval of your documents, you may be allowed to take the written examination of traffic knowledge and given an eye exam.

Motorcycles require registration and plates, which are surprisingly expensive in Shanghai. It may be cheaper for you to register and plate the vehicle in a neighboring province.

You also must have mandatory vehicle insurance for your motorcycle. You may not obtain a vehicle registration or plates without it. Basically, it’s the same law as in America, Canada, and everywhere else.

Daniel asks…

my nephew bought a new motorbike, unfortunately before he got home and insured it a driver knocked him off it?

and he suffered serious injuries, can he claim from their insurance?
UK question and the police know the car driver was at fault.
he bought it from a friend a fewstreets away.

Administrator answers:

Yes – there is no problem in the legal process about claiming from another person who injures you. This is irrespective of the fact that your nephew was commiting a criminal offence at the time.

He will have to either pursue the claim himself (not recommended as he won’t know appropriate levels of restitution for personal injury) or go through a solicitor or a no-win no-fee organisation. Had he had a legal expenses insurance policy in place then he could have used their serivces.

Linda asks…

What else do I need to consider when I’m buying a Motorbike?

Other than the price of the bike and the gear what are the base level requirements for owning and riding a bike? I’m talking about things like insurance rego and stuff. And how much does this stff usually cost? I live in sydney Australia.

Administrator answers:

Here insurance price really jumps with bikes over 400 CC

Susan asks…

What learner legal 125cc motorbike should i get?

i turn 17 this august and i am looking to buy a motorbike up to £2500 but what should i get?
also what would i need to do i have never had a scooter or car, well i have dirt bike but i have obviously never had a road legal vehicle. What test etc?

Administrator answers:

Provisional licence and CBT (compulsory basic training) would be required along with the usual (MOT test, tax, insurance, l-plates) and for heavens sake read your highway code! The CBF125 is a great learner bike and £2500 new OTR, but I’d get a nearly new one for around 60% of that price, as with all things they drop in price the second you sign the paperwork. Don’t bother with a 125 “sports bike”, they’re only 1 or 2hp more at most, cost far more, are way more expensive to repair if you drop them, and way more expensive to insure.

Helen asks…

Papers needed to rent a 50-125 cc motorbike in france and what are the prices?

I’m 20 with a license to drive from a 50 to 125 cc motorbike in Greece. Do I need any other papers to rent a motorbike while travelling in france?
in Greece you can get any kind of motorbike license when you’re over 18yrs old. So I do have a drivers(for motorbike) license for 125cc. So if i havent had the license for at least 3 years I cant drive in France?

Administrator answers:

You are too young for a 125 cc. You need a permit that is more than three years old because that’s what the insurances ask for.

Sandy asks…

What will happen if i ride my motorbike and carry pillon passengers with no pillon insurance?

passed my module 1 and module 2, i want to take l plates off ride motorways and carry pillon passengers what happends if i keep insurance ass pillon cover (no) . can i still have some 1 on the back?

Administrator answers:

You will be riding illegally, as you will be riding with no insurance.

Also, the police will have the right to seize and crush your bike.

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