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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

February 21, 2013

Mary asks…

How much will it cost to start learing to drive a motorbike?

basically I have a yamaha ybr which cost £2000, but nothing else and I’ve never rode before. so how much (estimate) will it cost to pay for everything, e.g. equipment (decent stuff), tax, learing to ride, insurance, and any other costs which I have missed off?

Administrator answers:

Budget at least £500 to get through the tests – CBT (not test but compulsory), Theory, Module 1 and Module 2.

Insurance – how long is a piece of string? Mine is £160 for two bikes on same policy and fully Comp.
I have heard of novices being quoted £1000 +

VEL, (tax) £70 for biggest size bike.

Equipment – now you’re are asking. As much as you can afford is the answer. You get what you pay for. My helmet £320, some go for £500. I have seen some that pass the required tests at £45. It’s your head you choose.
Likewise leathers- a much as you can afford. That said if we are really on a budget look in Lidyl (yep the food store) they occasionally have full CE approved motorcycle clothing at real bargain prices.

For what it’s worth I just totalled my current daily riding clothing/equipment at £1100 but then I ride all day every day for a living.

Ruth asks…

Does commuting include travelling to school on an insurance policy or just to work?

I will be using a motorbike to get to and from college, do I have to state that I am using the vehicle for commuting or just leave it as use for pleasure?

Administrator answers:

Commuting counts as using the vehicle to travel to a place of study, or to a fixed place of work, so yes you do need to include commuting.

Susan asks…

What’s the cheapest to run motorbike on the market?

Due to the rip-off price of motoring I’m thinking of going back to a motorbike for my 10 mile daily journey. Back in my day misers rode MZs, CG 125s & CD 200s, doubt where there are of these any running any more! Haven’t studied the market lately, what are the current cheap and cheerful models to look for?

Administrator answers:

Hi anything with a low cc would be cheapest on fuel and insurance and tax, anything below 125cc £15 for tax a year. With a full motorcycle license for commuting only a few thousand miles a year you can expect to get insurance for less than £100. Avoid anything chinese or sporty insurance will bite you in the ass stick with well known brands like honda, Suzuki and yamaha.

Ps I have a honda CD200 benly for sale I bought it restored with new mot and tax in july this year, am only getting rid because its exhaust has been modified and is a bit loud for me. Dose about 70-80 per gallon.

Lizzie asks…

What’s the best way to get insured on my brothers motorbike?

My brother is spending a little time away at his girlfriends, but all the while his bike will be left standing at his home. He’s happy for me to use it for a month or so, but I need to sort out some temporary insurance cover. What is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to go about it? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

“What is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to go about it?”

Phone some insurance companies or insurance brokers and ask.

It won’t be any quicker, easier or cheaper than that.

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