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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

January 23, 2013

David asks…

Is a license and insurance needed to own and ride a honda SH150i in Indiana?

I dont know if there even is insurance or licensing cuz of its smaller engine displacement than a fullsize motorbike. If insurance is needed, about how much is it?

Administrator answers:

If you’re going to ride on the public roads you do have to have insurance and a valid drivers license. Some states require a special motorcycle license too. The price of the insurance is going to depend on your age, how far you plan on driving (to and from work or to and from school) and what area you live in. You’ll need to get some quotes from insurance agents or you may be able to get on your parents insurance policy if they will let you.

Mark asks…

I am 17, No previous motorbike experience (on road), what can i ride?

Basically just what the question says, turned 17 few days ago, realized i cannot afford a car and have been told motorbike insurance is cheaper. I have been riding motorbikes since i was 5 so i can handle one (i know this doesn’t change insurance). Just want to know whats available for me the now?

Administrator answers:

You dont need insurance for a RACE bike.

You can RACE any bike that you can afford.

Laura asks…

Does motorbike insurance after a while make your car insurance cheaper?

I’m getting a motorbike nd plan on having one for about 4 years and then get a car later. I’m just wondering if it will make my car insurance any cheaper later on? WILL RATE BEST AND MOST HELPFUL ANSWER, THANKS!

Administrator answers:

No, it won’t.

There used to be a handful of insurance companies that would allow you to transfer bike N.C.B. To a car policy. However, they all stopped doing it several years ago, because it was costing them too much in clams.

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