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Your Questions About Motorbike Insurance

December 16, 2012

Sandy asks…

Ok. i cannot ride a motorbike without insurance. So, I’ll have to buy the motorbike and the insurance together

Please help. Since I cannot ride a motorcycle which has not been insured, does this mean that I’ll have to buy an insurance before or while buying a motorcycle? I’d like to buy the motorcycle first and then take some time to search for a good insurance company to insure with or a reliable agent to take help from.

Administrator answers:

Most banks will require a motorcycle dealer to verify that you have insurance on the bike before they will allow you to take it off the lot.

Once you know which bike that you want to buy you can pretty quickly get quotes and a policy on line through free on-line rating services.

Following are some of the better ones:

Charles asks…

Why would insurance pay double what someone paid for a motorbike?

If a motorbike was stolen and returned with minimal damage why would the insurance company pay out twice what the bike cost?
Thanks @Jo W, that’s what I thought

Administrator answers:

There’s a difference between what something costs and its value. And if it’s value was significantly more than its cost, then that could make sense.

Lizzie asks…

Does an accident on my motorbike affect my car insurance?

I have a bike and a car. The insurance on my car has 3 years no claims discount, the insurance on my bike has 0. If I crash my bike and write it off, and have to claim on my bike insurance, do I also lose my no-claims discount on my car as I have had to claim on insurance before – or are they completely seperate and cannot affect each other in any way?

Administrator answers:

The insurance companies ask ” Have you made ANY claims in the last 5 years “. A claim is a claim regardless of if on your car or bike policy.

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