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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

May 19, 2013

Charles asks…

in VA i have my learners and i turned 17 yesterday, can i get my license when i turn 18 ?

i have to pay a dmv re-installment fee but i will get that over with by the time i turn 18 Next septermber 7th

can i get my License? without taking Drivers Ed? i Can’t Afford a $400 Drivers ed and Behind the Wheel

i don’t take Drivers Ed at schools either

And i can’t Afford to get a Ride 20 mins to Drivers Ed mon, tues.and wed..Either!

Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Assuming you can pass the test at 18, sure. But not having the classes will raise your insurance rates even higher. Sometimes it takes a little annoyance to get those things needful.

David asks…

Does anybody recommend an intensive driving course opposed to weekly lessons?

I’m a fast learner and I’m sure I’d find that easier did any body pass with flying colours after a 5 day course? Il be learning from scratch, no experience

Administrator answers:

With intensive driving courses, they just teach you the absolute minimum needed to pass your test. Once you start driving, you will encounter situations that you have not come across during your intensive course. If you spread your lessons out weekly across a few months, you will be more likely to encounter a range of difficult situations and weather conditions. I started my driving lessons in the summer, and they ran in to winter, so I gained experience of driving in snow and ice, whereas had I taken the intensive course, I would have only driven in dry sunny weather.

Only you can decide what to do, but do you just want to pass, or do you want to be a safe driver? Your insurance will be expensive as a new driver and you don’t want to blow your chances of getting a no claims discount by rushing through the test, then having an accident because you had no experience.

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