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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

April 12, 2013

Betty asks…

In the state of NH, is there an online driver education course that would qualify me for a learners permit?

I am 16 and the only drivers education program in my city is way too expensive. Is there an online course that is under $500, wouldn’t raise my insurance, and is accepted by the state of New Hampshire in place of my local expensive drivers ed course?

Administrator answers:

Driver Education

Driver Education is required for all people under the age of 18, and certain non-US citizens temporarily residing in NH.

Over 10,000 students participate in driver education every year through their high school or a commercial driving school. Driver education, combined with supportive parents or guardians, provides the fundamental basis that young people in NH need to become responsible and safe drivers.

Http:// will give you a list of those driving schools. No, you can’t do it cheap and on line.

Choices are to pay for the course, or wait until age 18.

Laura asks…

Learning someone to drive with a broken arm?


UK law means a provisional learning can drive a car if someone over 3 years (??) is in the car with them. I am well over this but have my arm in plaster after recently breaking it. Can i still allow a provisional learner to drive?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can, there is nothing in law that says you can’t.
Having a broken arm does not exempt you from teaching someone to drive.

I do not beleive that the law say’s you must be able to drive the car that you are usring to teach someone to drive in.
If you are teaching a friend to drive, you may not be insurered to drive their car, so under the road traffic act 1976 you would be breaking the law if you drove it.

If you are teaching someone to drive you will need to have L-Plates clearly displayed, appropriate insurance for the learner driver and you must have held your licence for a minimum of 3 years and be at least 21 years old. It’s also recommended that you have a rear view mirror fitted when you are supervising a learner.
If someone can post a link (in law) to where it states that the both the pupil and the qualified driver must be insurered, then I will change my mind,
I don’t think anyone will find a link


Michael asks…

to get my drivers permit in New York State do i need insurance?

I just turned 16 a couple of weeks ago and i am going to get my learners permit tomorrow. At this point I do not have insurance but my parents do. I have heard that until you get your full license the only thing you need is that the person whos car you are using has insurance. So what i want to know is in NYS do i need insurance to get a learners permit?

Administrator answers:

Yes, the CAR needs to be insured; you don’t until you get your actual license. Then you need to be added to the parents’ policy.

Richard asks…

What do i bring to my drivers (not learners) test?

I will have my car which i have practiced in way alot… i will have my learners and my ssn and my birth certificate.. am i missing anything?

Administrator answers:

Probably going to need to show proof of insurance. Good luck on your test.

Ruth asks…

Can I tax my car with learner driver insurance?

My cars tax is due soon and I understand that in order to renew the tax on it you must have valid driving insurance. As I am currently learning how to drive in my car I was wondering if I could still tax my car even though I have temporary learner driver insurance?


Administrator answers:

They wont accept temporary insurance!

Carol asks…

How high would car insurance rates become if a 16 yr old drives a car?

My mom won’t let me get my G1 because she says her insurance rates will get too high. I asked her how high and she says she doesn’t even know.
I live in Ontario.

Administrator answers:

You’re right, she doesn’t know. I did auto insurance in Ontario for 15 years and even I don’t know. But I know this, so I’ll help you as best I can.

G1 drivers usually don’t cost anything, because a G1 isn’t really a full licence. It is, but it’s still not. It’s basically a learner’s permit and whoever is sitting beside you is almost completely responsible for whatever you do behind the wheel. That’s why it doesn’t cost anything to add a G1 driver to a policy at any age.

When you get your G2, it’s a whole different story. Now you can drive alone and stuff, so now it starts costing money. You’d probably by on the policy as an occasional driver, which is expensive but still a whole lot cheaper than being a principal (main) driver of a vehicle. 16 year old principal drivers pay insurance rates somewhere between insanity and financial sodomy, because the odds are about 60% that they’ll be involved in an accident before the year is finished.

What you can do is this. Call up Mom’s agent / broker (with her permission of course) and ask them what it would cost. They’ll tell you, no problem. Make sure you mention that you don’t have your G1 yet, and you’re just looking for some information in advance. Knowing that stuff in advance is always a good thing, believe me. In war (because driving in Ontario is kind of like combat), the general who learned the most in advance is the one who celebrates the victory.

Also, you’ll definitely want some professional driver training for sure. That not only cuts down the insurance premiums, it severely increases your chance of not getting killed in an accident. The best in the business is Young Drivers, and you know this because every other driving school tells you they’re as good as them. Nobody ever says they’re as good as Sears or Crazy Eddie’s School Of Motoring, they all say they’re as good as Young Drivers. There’s a reason they all pretend to be that good.

Donna asks…

Can i be insured as an additional driver with a different company to the main driver?

Basically, my mum is setting up insurance for herself with admiral. I am 18 and we want to insure me on the car. We have set up a deal with admiral whereby i get insurance as an additional driver for 17 weeks. When these 17 weeks are up, is it possible for me to be insured as an additional driver with another company (direct line for instance) while she remains on admiral? Basically, after those glorious 17 weeks, how can i carry on driving with a good deal?
I have passed my test and have a full UK licence by the way

Administrator answers:

You cannot take out a seperate policy to do that unless you are still a learner driver on a provisional licence where somewhere like this will help

Maria asks…

Can anyone with UK full driving licence give lessons with my car?

As I’ve had my full Uk Driving Licence for two years now, I can’t give driving lessons to anyone by law.
My cousin with a UK provisional licence is the second driver on my car insurance. I was wondering if anyone over 21 years old with a UK full driving licence for over 3 years,
without being insured on my car could give my cousin driving lessons.

Thank you for your time in advance!

Administrator answers:

They can supervise a learner driver – but if they are not insured on that car they must not drive it. So if your cousin gets stuck, or can’t cope, they cannot take over, even in a emergency.

Charles asks…

What steps need to be taken to obtain a learners permit in Texas the DMV website confuses me.?

i just want a basic understanding of what need to be done in order and an estimate of how long it will take. Also whats better parent taught or Drivers Ed.

Administrator answers:

Hello there,

Basically, you have to start with reading your Handbook, pass the vision and written test (no appointment necessary) , hold your permit for 6 months and have a certain amount of driving hours and then schedule your road test. The advantages of Drivers Ed is significantly lower insurance. You might find the following link very helpful: It gives you clear instructions on the steps of the application procedure and there free tests to practice for your permit.


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