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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

March 26, 2013

Helen asks…

How much does it cost to learn to drive?

I turn 17 in just over 3 months and have been looking at learning to drive this summer. Some questions:
1) How much will it cost overall, cost of obtaining licence, average cost of average number of lessons, cost of tests (practical, theory and hazard perception)? I have about £250 saved and my parents will give me a little more but will I need to borrow some from them too?
2) How many lessons does it usually take to pass? I’m a pretty fast learner and the DVLA stats says 47 on average but my friends have all passed after 10-12 lessons, so 47 seems like a LOT. I need to know because driving schools do different offers based on different number of lessons and I’d like to have an idea of what deal to choose.
3) Is it worth taking pass plus? I heard that it can decrease the cost of your insurance but I also heard that the money you save is counteracted by the cost of lessons in the first place.
4) Do theory lessons etc, need to be booked separately to practical lessons or are they included?
5) Any other information that a learner driver should know.
Really appreciate the help!

Administrator answers:

1) £500-£1000
2) 20-40 on average but can be a lot more
3) If your reason for doing PP is cheaper insurance don’t bother. If your reason is to improve your driving beyond the bare basics it takes to pass a test then do it.
4)Totally separate but the driving school you go to might do it for you.
5) Bring money, driving is expensive, especially for teenage new drivers, bargain on £1000 to get a licence and £3000 for a years insurance before you even think about buying, fuelling and running a car.

Ken asks…

Should the student my for the driver instructor’s persona lost?


I need some advice.

I’m a learner driver and caused an accident to my instructor’s car. Luckily, he has his insurance that cover his costs.

Today my instructor called me up, and told me about his car and his insurance.
Luckily, my instructor’s insurance company will cover his costs eventually.

HOWEVER…..I’m aware that he has lost his other customers, can’t get any income, hard to go to work, hard to send his kids to school and etc; therefore he wants me to pay $600, to cover up his personal lost.

Should the student pay for the instructor’s personal lost?

Administrator answers:

No. That is why he has insurance, and accidents are to be expected with student drivers. I have never heard of such a thing. Don’t pay. Insurance often pays for a rental car while the damaged one is being repaired.

Susan asks…

Can i register my car under my name with a permit?

Ok, i bought the car with only a learners permit. I got insurance with only a learners permit. Now can i register it with only a learners permit?! I live in indiana by the way.

Administrator answers:

Ok, Despite what so many people mistakenly believe, a permit or a drivers license is NOT required to own, title, register or insure a car. A permit or a license is only required to * DRIVE * a car. Ok


David asks…

Motorcycle testing. How do i get to the place to take the test?

I got the motorcycle , temp tag, insurance. How do i take the test with my bike if i cant ride it?

Administrator answers:

Here in the US, you CANNOT take the riding/skills road-test until you have had your permit for a specified amount of time, OR take the certified MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) BRC (Beginning Rider Course) offered normally at a local college or state owned driver’s training facility.

Permits allow you to ride (by yourself, or along-side of a licensed rider), to gain skills and confidence BEFORE you take the road/skills test. You can also practice on private property or a vacant parking lot to gain skills prior to going onto the road with your bike.

Assuming you are in the US, ALL states require you to have a learners permit at least 30-days PRIOR to taking the road/skills test at the DMV (time requirements vary by state). You walk-in and take the written test (and pay your fees, of course) to get your permit. Once you pass that, you can ride your new motorcycle under the state’s restrictions for learners. Check with your state’s permit restrictions for details, or they will be happy to give you that info when you apply for your permit.

While you have your permit, I suggest you look into a certified MSF BRC riding course in your area… It will be the best $75-150 you will ever spend, and MOST states waive your road/skills test requirements for your endorsement (full license) once you pass the course. The BRC courses also SUPPLY the bikes… No need to bring yours!

To answer your question in the simplest form (if your state will not allow you to ride alone while on a permit), you will need to have a licensed rider take your bike to the testing area for you, or you will need to trailer your bike to the testing facility, unload it, and take the skills test…. Which is another reason I endorse taking the BRC course!

I just saw your other post (similar)… You stated you were from Missouri, do not have a MC license/endorsement or permit, AND are on active duty. You have no choice in this matter… Trailer the bike to the military testing facility OR have a licensed (Military approved rider) take the bike to the facility FOR YOU. Some bases will provide a “training” bike for you for the course, much like the BRC for civilians… Ask, before you show up with your bike (and not need it).

Unless the military has changed their policy, even if you pass the military course, you are still required (by Uncle Sam) to have a full endorsement on your license… Not just a permit! You’ve got a minimum of a month before you can ride that bike legally on or off base… Depending of course which state or country you are stationed in.

Charles asks…

Is it easy to change from having insurance as a provisonal licence holder to having a full licence when i pass?

Is it easy to change from having insurance as a provisonal licence holder to having a full licence when i pass my driving test

Administrator answers:

It’s only a phone call, but it’ll cost big time.
You’re a far greater risk as a new driver out on the roads on your own than you were as a learner, supervised, and the premium will reflect this.
(Think in terms of doubling it, at least…)

Donald asks…

How will it affect my insurance?

My daughter Ashlynn has just turned 16, and shes begging me to allow her to get her a learners permit. I’m all for it, but i want to know how it will affect my insurance. I heard that a teen with a learners permit doesn’t have any affect and in some cases you don’t even have to notify the insurance company. If it helps, i have Esurance. Also i live in southern California. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -Lauren.

Administrator answers:

When your daughter gets her license to drive and before letting her use your car, notify
the insurance company. She has to be added as another driver. This is going to
increase your car insurance a lot. If she is driving w/o license or on your policy,
look out for a lawsuit depending on how much damage/injury cost are incurred.

Sandy asks…

Can a licensed driver from out of the country accompany a Learner license?

I am turning 16 before my boyfriend from the states comes up, and since he is 19 he has his drivers license, does that mean I can drive when he is accompaning me?

Administrator answers:

I’m assuming since you have an ‘L’ license that you are from B.C. If this is the case then you should already know that you must be accompanied by a supervisor who is 25 or older and has a valid B.C. Driver’s license (Class 1/2/3/4 or 5). So even if your boyfriend was 25, which he’s not, he doesn’t have the correct license class, which means if the two of you go out driving together you’re breaking the law and voiding the insurance of the vehicle since you would be driving without a valid license. BTW asking the question four times in a row doesn’t change the answer.

Sharon asks…

What is the best way to insure a new child, student driver (17 yrs old)?

As a part time driver?

Are there some discounts I can receive?

Administrator answers:

You have to put them on your policy. If they just have a learners permit, the insurance companies dont charge you , or dont charge you as much .They do get credit if they are taking/have taken drivers education. When they get their license, be prepared for your rates to go up ALOT.

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