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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

March 17, 2013

Betty asks…

If I am 16 and have a permit can I drive without insurance?

I was told that my parents didn’t have to call the insurance company since it’s only a permit. And that I’m covered automatically. But this sounds too good to be true . Yes or no?

Administrator answers:

You are covered when driving on a learner’s permit when you are driving with your parent or other supervising driver. As soon as you get your license, you need to be added to the policy, or you have no coverage (even driving back from the testing location)

Ken asks…

What would happen if you got caught driving underage?

I am 15 years old and recently got my learners. Before i got it my dad used to let me drive around our neighborhood and we never got caught but i was just wondering what would have happened if we did?

Administrator answers:

You could get a ticket for not having a license, and your dad could get a ticket for allowing an unlicensed driver. The vehilce could be towed, and the court could suspend your ability to get your license.

Your insurance would skyrocket, at which point your dad would proalby not let you get your license until you turn 18 because he couldn’t afford to insure you.

Daniel asks…

Driving in other State with learners license?

I got my Florida learners license yesterday and want to drive everyday for the practice. For a few day’s I’ll be going to North Carolina and was wondering if I could drive there (obviously with an adult). I have looked everywhere and can’t find any laws pertaining to this.
Also, in North Carolina, how old do you have to be to drive a golf cart?

Administrator answers:

The answer to your question is no your florida learners permit is not valid in the state of north carolina if you are caught driving then the person riding with you will be convicted of a class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in the county jail and or a 1500 dollar fine as well as a revocation of their drivers license for 1 year. Now you yourself could be referred to the department of juvenile justice for prosecution as a juvenile offender for the crime of no operators license. I doubt any of those things except maybe a stiff fine would really happen but just keep that in mind while you are in the State Of North Carolina. As for the golf cart you can drive it at 13 with no problem as long as the owner of the cart gives you permission but most golf courses will not rent them to people under 18 for insurance purposes.

David asks…

Should i send a letter of appolgy when i reply to my NIP ?

i was caught doing 35 in a 30 zone on my moped, riding as a learner with a provisional license. I understand that the police will either issue a £60 fine with 3 points or they may offer a speed awareness course. As a young driver my insurance costs are already high without adding a conviction of speeding. Will a letter of appology and an explanation improve the chances of me being offer the course.

Administrator answers:

Will make zero difference, the offence has been committed and the letter will noy even be read, if you want to apologise go to court and do it.

Oh and you do not have a moped as mopeds are not capable of going over 31mph by law. If it can do 35mph it is classed as a motorcycle and if your 16 you are not licensed or insured to ride it.

Sandra asks…

Can a licensed driver from out of the country accompany a learner license?

I will be turning 16 and want to drive my boyfriend around when he comes up this summer, he is 19 so he has a drivers license, can he accompany me with my L?

Administrator answers:

I’m assuming since you have an ‘L’ license that you are from B.C. If this is the case then you should already know that you must be accompanied by a supervisor who is 25 or older and has a valid B.C. Driver’s license (Class 1/2/3/4 or 5). So even if your boyfriend was 25, which he’s not, he doesn’t have the correct license class, which means if the two of you go out driving together you’re breaking the law and voiding the insurance of the vehicle since you would be driving without a valid license.

Sharon asks…

Cancelling insurance 2 months in on a provisional license?

My partner (who is old enough and has relevant experience) is going to help me learn how to drive.

Of course, they will be the main driver and myself as an additional driver on a provisional license..

My question is, if after say… 2-3 months I pass my test, find a cheaper deal elsewhere and just insure myself on a full license… Can the original policy be cancelled with nothing extra to pay?

Administrator answers:

No you cannot just cancel it with nothing extra to pay. They all charge more for early cancellation.
As an example, as they all vary a little on this, one of my policies will refund 60% only at the 2 month point and 50% at the 3 month point. After 8 months there is no refund.
At first sight it seems unfair but it is because the policy takes some money to initially set up and that has to be paid no matter how long its in force.

For the above reason it is nearly always financially better to amend the learner policy by telling them you have passed, At this point it is going to cost you additional premiums as it is more expensive to insure a driver with a full licence. Again you may think this makes no sense but it is because they know that you will now be driving more and also unsupervised. They also know that 1 in 4 new drivers make a claim in year 1.

You need to check what it will go up to when you pass and be prepared for a shock as it will be in the order of £2500 plus when you have passed. Ask the insurer you intend to use, they won’t mind telling you.

Note – you must tell the insurer on passing that you have done so as this is a change to a material fact and to avoid telling them will viod the insurance – if you claimed they would not pay you out.

ADDITIONAL – sorry just noticed that you intend to make BF the main driver. If he has his own car and in fact the car you will drive is yours you will be the policyholder and have to be the main driver – to do otherwise is insurance fraud and is commonly known as fronting. You might get away with it. It may well not save you a penny – insurers are very wise to this practice and will make exhaustive checks if a claiim is made.

From your question it is not clear what car you will be learning in. If in fact you will learn in the BFs car then he will have to add you to his insurance as a named driver (IF his insurer will allow that as some don’t tdo learners). In this case there will be no opertunity for a fefund on the cost of that as it will run from when he does it till the policy ends.

Joseph asks…

Can I drive In the states with a canadian learners permit?

Im 15 and i have my learners.My family is gonna drive to the states this summer.Thing is though only my dad has his drivers license and it will be over 30 hours each way.So my question is would my permit be valid in the US even though most states require you to be older to drive.
And what would happen in case of a collision/traffic violation?

Administrator answers:

Check with your insurance to see if you will be covered, but the states will allow you to drive as long as you are in compliance with the regulations of your province concerning driving on a permit. Your dad will have to be in the front seat and able to supervise you. Carry a copy of your province driver handbook with you in case an officer checks.

Paul asks…

Should i have my g2 licence for sure to get my auto insurance?

I’ve my international driving permit and g1 license…. but when i try to get auto insurance quote in the internet… The results are not given,if i mention i have my international driving licence or G1 licence….
So this is making me wonder, “only if i have g2 licence… its possible to get my car insurance in canada?”… Please help.

Administrator answers:

With insurance your G1 is considered a learners permit. Obviously you know that you can only operate a vehicle with a fully licensed driver with you. A lot of online quoting systems are geared towards the norm so when you attempt to get a quote online and mention the G1 is it not configured for that. More information is needed. If you call a company they will be able to advise you on if they can insure you and how much it would cost.

I work for an insurance company and we will insure those with a G1 if they are the owner of the vehicle and the only operator in the household (meaning the only licensed driver in the home). If there are others in the home we would rate for them as the main driver and indicate that you are there with your G1. Once you get the G2 the necessary changes could be made.

Also with a lot of companies the international license is fine to drive someone else’s vehicle temporarily but you can’t usually purchase a policy with it. You need to have a Canadian driver’s license and even more specific a license for the province you are living in (ie Ontario G2 or G).

Hope this helps!

Nancy asks…

Can an individual take a DMV road test in GA in a car with AL plates and insurance?

Or more specifically if the individual has GA Learner‘s permit and lives in the state that they are taking it in. Just the car and the insurance information would be outside of GA.

Administrator answers:

Don’t see why not! I took my drivers liscensce test in Texas with Wisc. Lisc etc! By the way that was 1981, – and at that time it was only taking writen test, since drivers lisc. Was already in effect from Wisc, — and for a while I had two liscences, as they did not take my Wisc one away at that teme!

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