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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

February 17, 2013

Donald asks…

Can i register a vehicle, without a drivers license?

I just bought a truck, but don’t have my license yet. I’m planning to get it this summer, i’m 21 so i’m legal age. But can i register and insure my truck (while it sits, just incase something happens to it) I do have my learners, but it has expired, lol because i never use it. What can i do?
It’s in my name, because i bought the truck for 3000 from a private seller.

Administrator answers:

You can register and insure without a license. They are insuring the vehicle and not you. My daughter has done this recently. She had to wait to take the test due to no appointments available. Her insurance was for the vehicle and not her.

Sandra asks…

What do i need to bring along with me to take my driving test?

I go for my driver‘s license soon and forgot to ask what I need to bring with me? I kept getting wrong numbers and disconnected numbers and everything else, took me an hour to schedule, anywho, will I need to bring my birth certificate, social security card, what all do I need to bring with me? I live in Ohio, if that makes a difference, thank you!

Administrator answers:

I would bring everything just incase birth certicate, ssc, learner premit, make sure that the car has registration and insurance. It never hurts to be over prepared.

Sandy asks…

What do i put for date of license on Geico insurance quote?

I was filling out an online insurance quote from Geico. When they ask for date first licensed do they mean your lerner’s permit or your regular license?

Administrator answers:

I doubt if the need or want to know when you got your learners permit. They want to know when you got your regular drivers license.
:-) ~

Linda asks…

What exactly does age first licensed mean?

I’m applying for auto insurance I don’t really understand what this term means. Does it refer to a permit or a regular license? And also what is the point of the question?

Administrator answers:

It means; At what age were you issued your first, regular drivers license (not your learners permit).
They want to know how long you have been driving (How much driving experience you have). Like it or not, If you want insurance, you will have to answer all of their questions (Truthfully)

Helen asks…

What do you have to do to obtain a drivers license in Colorado?

My boyfriend wants to get his drivers license, and his Mother is unwilling to take him until he has a job. He’s 18 so I’m assuming he can do this without her consent. I want to take him to get it, but I want to know what’s necessary before we go. I know he has to take a test with the DMV, but what does he have to have before he takes the test? I know he has to have his hours sheet, but does there have to be proof of insurance? How much does it cost? Thank you!

Administrator answers:

You start here to learn about those 16 to 21 years of age

Using that information, get the learner’s permit.

Once you have met the requirements, you can test for the license. You can’t get insurance until you have a license. Whoever is teaching him to drive and supplying a vehicle to learn in will be considered the driver even though he is holding the wheel, and the insurance on the car will cover the lessons.

As to fees, see

Lisa asks…

Does my name have to be on the insurance to take my driving test?

I live in Texas, and I’m 16 with my learner‘s permit.

I”m ready to take my driving test, and my question is:

Does my name have to be explicitly on the insurance card for them to give me my road test?

Thanks guys!

Administrator answers:

Hello Brian,

No, it doesn’t. As long as the car is properly registered and insured and you have the paperwork and accompanying driver, you will be fine.

Make sure you have had enough practice:

Good luck on the test!

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