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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

August 23, 2013

Sharon asks…

What cars are cheap and affordable for first time drivers ?

I am booking my driving test soon and looking to save some money for a car, already have some saved up, i wondered on any opinions on cheap cars, low-ish insurance and a reliable one. In the UK which i could buy.

Administrator answers:

Corsa’ micra’ standard saxo (not VTS lol) fiesta ka anything with a engine less than 1.4l. A 1.0l would be perfect thats what i had first not only is insurance cheap but the tax and petrol will cost you less overall’

Richard asks…

What is a Cool looking car but cheap on insurance?

I am looking for a sporty looking car but not actually considered a sports car and is cheap on insurance. I like a Dodge Stratus and Dodge Intrepid type looks IS there any Cars that Have the cool look but Is cheaper on insurance I know they exist but could you give me a list PLEASE THANKS FOR THE HELP

Administrator answers:

The following cars are listed by car retailers as the cars that cost the least to insure:
Chrysler PT Cruiser 4dr Wagon
GMC Safari SLE AWD 3dr Minivan
Dodge Caravan SE 4dr Minivan
Saturn ION 1 4dr Sedan
Pontiac Sunfire 2dr Coupe
Among Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) the cheapest to insure is the Land Rover as it is found to be less prone to accidents.
Among the small cars Honda Civic is the cheapest to insure as they get high safety ratings and repairing costs is affordable and so insurance companies charge less for these cars.
In the midsized cars category the BMW 3 series wagon is the cheapest for insuring. The reason is they are priced low and the drivers’ have loss rates are much lower.
Among Trucks, Dodge Dakota Quad Cab truck with its high ratings is the cheapest to insure.

Laura asks…

Insurance!what a nightmare.What is the cheapest way to go?Please Help?

Hi guys. Ok, we’re trying to take out insurance in the UK and my boyfriend is a UK citizen but grew up in Zim and so has a Zimbabwe drivers licence (had it for 8years!). Now we wanna get cheap insurance. Haven’t yet bought the car but we’re looking for something like a 1.3 or 1.4 with a small engine to keep it in the lowest category. Can you recommend a company with helpful service and good rates? I’ve been on tons of sights but I just get the feeling that it is all a scam and a trick to make you commit to spend more than you can afford. Any help would be great! Thanks.

Administrator answers:

get your cheapest quote then try phoning these guys:

And see if they can match it.
I have been with Elephant for 3 years and before that their parent company.
Don’t think cheap is always the best, i tried that and got ripped off every change to policy, went back to elephant.

Sandra asks…

Cheapest car insurance company for young drivers?

I am 18 and just passed my test. Any one know of any really cheap insurers that i can go with?

Administrator answers:

Sorry, as two people have suggested there’s no such thing, HOWEVER it totally depends on all factors surrounding you, a few tips to look out for are as follows…

Your Postcode is one of the main factors when trying to get insurance, If your own postcode is in a high crime area w/e you can find these lists everywhere on the net, if your in a high crime area you can try get it insured to be at another address.

Check the usage of the policy your going for, one mistake everyone uses is that they tick social domestic and pleasure, this means you can’t drive to work… Lol, you have to have a policy that allows you to select “Comuting to a single place of work” or for w/e purpose you need it for.

Insurance group for your car, if you already have a car then I hope for your own sake it’s between the groups 1-4.

Engine size, regardless of the insurance group a lot of companies also go by engine size thats because generally the engine can be a 1.7 TD or a 1.2petrol, and by default the 1.2 may or will be cheaper to insure.

The best advice I can give you is……DO SOME RESEARCH :D otherwise you’ll never find out, Yahoo Answers is not the place for this question imo, you need to start reseaching,,, and so on, use these but also find the indepentant firms as well, DIRECT LINE is actually extremely cheap esp for fully comp, I made a big mistake and hope you don’t. :) Good luck.

Michael asks…

What the insurance will do if the two parties of the car accident all have policy with the same insurer?

I had a car accident and I believe it was third party’s fault. However, the third party and I have policy from the same insurance company. The legal insurance is same as well. What should I do to make sure that the insurance would act without interest conflict? If I use different legal firm, will it be better?

Administrator answers:

You have one advantage in that the insurance company will have both people’s versions of the incident and be able to better apportion liability quickly. They should advise you of the conflict of interest under FSA rules. The fact that you are insured with the same insurer does not affect your rights under contract (they must repair your car if you have comprehensive cover) nor does it affect the other driver’s rights under contract (the insurance company must pay damages you claim against him – under the liability section, if they think he is at fault).

Hopefully the insurance company will quickly decide on who is at fault and pay you your uninsured losses (excess, loss of earnings, injury etc). If not then you will have to look at the legal expenses insurance policy and see if there is an exclusion against them pursuing a claim against the insurer. If there is then you would probably have to raise a complaint in that they are not treating you fairly because of the conflict of interest.

It will certainly be cheaper and easier if you legal expenses insurance company pursues a claim on your behalf – the only problem you will have is if the other driver disputes liability – and instructs his legal expenses policy to claim against you. In that case they will have to withdraw due to a conflict of interest.

The insurance company may offer a split-liability settlement. You can challenge this if you wish, in order to preserve your no claims bonus – but this will delay payment of uninsured losses until the claim is settled. In this case I would assume the other driver would be pursuing a claim as well and so you both will need to take legal advice elsewhere.

Helen asks…

Is there a way for me to get cheap auto insurance?

I am 16 years old and from minnesota. I don’t have a car yet but I want to get one from around $3000-$4000. I have to go with State Farm because my parents have it. I am a safe driver and I get good grades. Is there a way to get cheap auto insurance through state farm through any special deals? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Insurance cost depends on a LOT of factors, it depends on where you live, how much coverage you are going to want, who else is in the household, and the credit score of the owner

Why not ring that phone number you saw on that billboard or on the telly??

Mary asks…

What is the insurance cost for a 1974 corvette if my 16 year old owns it?

Well my 16 year old son is getting a 1974 corvette and I would like to know the cost of his insurance if he owns it? I want to know as soon as possible because i am planning on getting it real soon. Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

There’s no way we can answer that because there are too many variables. The main one is your location. Insurance rates vary widely from state to state and from rural to urban areas within a state. Other variable include: your son’s grades, his driving record, your driving record, whether he’s taken driver’s ed, etc. I can tell you, however, that insurance is generally cheaper if you keep him on your policy rather than trying to put him on a separate one.

Nancy asks…

How much cheaper is insurance from G2 to G?

Hello, I am a 20 year old male driver with a G2 license. I have never gotten a ticket or been in an accident. I was wondering how much cheaper getting a G would make my insurance? I haven’t gotten around to it yet because I am far from a test center and I’m not sure if driving all the way there is worth it. Thanks in advance for answers.

Administrator answers:

It depends on which company you are insured with and how long you have had your G2 license. With some companies if you’ve had your G2 for more than four years, getting your G license would result in a substantial decrease. If you’ve had your G2 for less than four years, then getting your G wouldn’t in any decrease with most insurance companies.

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