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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

July 31, 2013

Mary asks…

How cheap is car insurance for a 16 year-old Floridian boy driving a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer?

I’m a 16 yo dude in Florida wanting car insurance for my 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer and I have never gotten any ticket of any kind. I have not violated any rules….yet.

Administrator answers:

Since you’re 16 and basically have no driving record yet, your insurance premiums are going to be sky high. I wouldn’t count on less than $1500-$2000/ Year. Keep your grades high- “B” or better average. Take driver’s ed and driver’s training if your school offers those. Those qualifications might afford you small discounts. If you want to know why young people get stomped for insurance, look at that “yet…” in your last sentence. Everybody breaks rules. Most people get caught once or twice. Every ticket costs not only the fine, but an insurance rate increase for years.

Ken asks…

What is the cheapest way to insure a first car?

I want a ford ka which luckily I one of the cheapest cars to run and insure for young drivers. Is there anything else I can do (except from the black box as I have 3 siblings I will need to drive around) to make the insurance cheaper? My parents both have quite good jobs and are willing to pay it but they would like to pay £1500 p.a maximum if possible.

Administrator answers:

You can add one or both of your parents to YOUR policy as named drivers, so long as YOU are the MAIN driver.

If you want unrestricted usage of your car then yiou must pay the going rate

Linda asks…

How much cheaper will my insurance be ?

Want to no how much cheaper my insurance would be if my mum insured my car but put me down as a name driver?
I have just passed my test, looking to get a fiesta 05 plate 1.2 something like that, also my mum has been driving for over 20 years ?

Administrator answers:

No way to answer that. Ask your insurance company.

Jenny asks…

Where can I find the cheapest auto insurance?

I am a new driver and I need to go on my own insurance policy. I am 19 and am wondering if anyone knows?

Administrator answers:

You will not find cheap insurance rates.

All insurance companies keep detailed statistics on every claim made against them. From these statistics they know that a young male driver, with little driving experience, is going to be a high risk to insure. Their policy rates will reflect this high risk for any policy you will find.

Don’t expect to find cheaper insurance until you have between 5 to 7 years driving experience with a squeaky clean driving record. Deal with it.

Get up and walk away from the computer.

Walk over to the telephone.

Near the telephone, most people keep a large book

Many times this book will have colored pages, usually yellow

Open the book to the colored pages section and look for the heading Insurance

Here you will find the telephone numbers to people in your area who actually sell insurance. Imagine that.

Pick up the telephone and dial one of these numbers.

A friendly person will answer. This person will be either an insurance agent or a person that works for them. Ask this person your question. This person may ask you a few questions to get some added details. Have the VIN number of the vehicle getting covered by this policy handy if possible. If you do not own the vehicle yet and do not have the VIN then the year, make, and exact model will work.

In no time, you will have a quote on the price. HINT: A quote will be far more accurate than any wild guess that you might get here.

Write down some of the details on a piece of paper. Phone number, name of the person you spoke with, price, deductibles, coverage,etc.

Next, repeat the process using one of the other telephone numbers you found in the telephone book in the colored pages section under the heading insurance.

After you have spoken to at least a few insurance agents, you can start to compare prices, coverage, and deductibles. Then pick the insurance agent that has the best deal for you, call them back, and then strike a deal.

One last piece of advice. You are far better off going through a local insurance agent where you know them and they know you. Let’s say a few months after you get your insurance you get broadsided by an uninsured motorist. Who would you rather be working with? A local person that you know and knows you. Or hear “Press 1 for English”, pause “Your call is important to us. Please wait for the next available agent…” a very very long wait, then finally get someone from a far away call center that barely speaks English. Sometimes the cheapest insurance is not the best insurance. Think about it for a bit before you make your final decision.

Donna asks…

How to make car insurance cheap as possible!?

im 17 and just passed my test and i need to get cheap insurance. i have a 1.0L 05 plate corsa and i need to get it on the road asap. its my aunties car she had given it me but wont let me use it till i get insured. i need help to make it as cheap as possible so please help!

Administrator answers:

I work for an insurance company in the UK,

The only way to reduce the premium is to get the car registered in one of your parents name, then get then to insure it and add you as a named driver – this has pro’s and con’s:

Pro’s – you get cheaper insurance than your friends who have the insurance in there name.

Con’s – you dont earn your own No Claims Bonus (NCB) which means when you eventually get your own insurance your premium will be much higher than those the same age who have had insurance in their name.

Either way as a young driver you will unfortunately attract high premiums im 25yro and i pay £800 for a Y-Reg Audi TT!!!

Good luck.

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