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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

July 25, 2013

Donna asks…

How much is car insurance per month?

Can you please tell me where can I find how much is car insurance per month on all insurers? Basically I want to find the cheapest car insurance companies.

Administrator answers:

You can easily do that online in 5 minutes. I know a site that has a database of 120+ insurers, basically you will have to complete a short form with vehicle and driver information and then the site will automatically match you with the cheapest car insurance. The site is:

Chris asks…

How is insurance on a Miata for a young male?

Hey folks, I’ve been looking into buying a Mazda Miata (older model 94~04) for quite some time, recently I’ve started working construction so I’ve been saving. I read somewhere that the Miata was fairly cheap on insurance due to it’s mass production and fair price, however I just find that hard to believe being a two door sports car.

I’m 19 at the moment, will be 20 in a few months when I attempt to insure my next car. I was wondering if anyone has some insight on this? I just want a newer model car, something with some aftermarket parts, Im driving an 93 oldsmobile cutlass atm and it does the job, but it’s just no fun you know? When I first got my license I was going to get a civic, but I heard those are terribly priced for insurance, more than a miata even.

Would appreciate the help

Administrator answers:

Insurance for a male under 25 is outrageous, no matter that car.

Rates are determined by the group a driver falls in (male under 25), the vehicle driven (sports car), and the area you live in. The best answer you can get here would be a guess, the best you can get elsewhere would be from an insurance agent.

Using an Independent Insurance Agent will allow them to shop around between companies and get you the best deal, unlike those who are attached to a company and must write policies from that umbrella. Look for the logo with the big I on the door or in the ads.

Maria asks…

Any cheap car insurance company’s for first time drivers?

can you help trying to find some cheaper car insurance companys for first time drivers.

Administrator answers:

This question has been asked over 5000 times on here, you wouldn’t know this site has a search facility would you?

Short answer, as always is no,. There are no cheap insurers for newly qualified kids. If you choose a very small engined car you might get it down to £2-3k, but that’s as low as it’ll get.

Mary asks…

I’m a first time driver and need an insurance company that is cheap! Any recomendations?

Passed my driving test today and I am looking for cheap insurance (like everyone else!) and I am hoping some wonderful people can help me out!
I currently have a 1.25 ford fiesta from 2001. I am male, 17 years old and require my own policy.

I appreciate any help :)

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as a “cheap insurance company”. They do not exist and never have done.

If you can get insured for less than £4,000 on a basic, 1-litre car, then that is “cheap” for someone of your age.

William asks…

How much would it cost me to insure a car as a new driver in BC Canada?

I am looking at either a ’65 mustang or a like 90′s BMW i’m a new driver (17 years old no accidents) I live in Vancouver. What do you think would be the cheapest possible insurance I could get?

Administrator answers:

All basic insurance in BC is provided via the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). Rates depend upon the number of years of safe driving you have, the crime rate of the neighbourhood you live in, whether it is insured for work or pleasure, the distance you are driving to work, the accident rate of the vehicle you have, its safety record, whether you want to be insured for US driving, the value of the vehicle you are insuring, etc.

For Vancouver on a new driver… You are looking at $4000+ per year. Want an expensive muscle car… It will be considerably more.

There is no ‘cheapest’ insurance. All insurance dealers sell ICBC basic coverage and get standard commissions.

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