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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

July 10, 2013

James asks…

I am 17 how can I get cheap car insurance?

I have an ac cobra with a LS3 V8 in it. Is there a way to get cheap insurance. Could I get my dad to get insurance for the car from another country allowing anyone to drive the car insured?

Administrator answers:

You can’t. You’re 17 and therefore a new driver, and therefore high risk. You cannot have your Dad as main driver as that is illegal, but you can add him as another driver, if he has a clean licence, which should reduce the cost. Look on price comparison websites or consult Direct Line (they’re not on price comparison websites) but the likelihood is that your insurance will be more than the car is worth.

Edit: What SpenceT suggests is illegal, and if (when!) you have an accident you will be found out & you will not be covered. You have to name yourself as the main driver.

Mandy asks…

How much would insurance be for me?

I’m 16 and I’ve had my license for about seven months now. We’ve had financial problems so we’ve held off getting insurance.
But, now we have a situation where I would need to drive the spare car to and from school. (I would only be driving a total of 16 times, 32 if you count round trips)
It’s a Hyundai 2010 Elantra, but I may also be driving the 2012 Mercedes C250.

Would it be more affordable if I were to go under my mom’s insurance? Possibly my father’s?
My parents are divorced. My main guardian is my mother, but my father only has had one car incident while my mom has had several. All, however, have been minor.

And, separate question, but is it possible to only get insurance for a month? If so, I think I would be able to pay for it myself, but if not, I would need a fairly cheap insurance policy.
I live in California, and I live about 20 miles from my school, so I can’t bus or bicycle
And, when school starts next year, I should have a job, in which case I’ll be able to afford insurance. My mom’s friend is willing to give me a part time job, but he will only do it after I’ve turned 17, which isn’t until October.

I’ve been carpooling with a friend until recently, so I’ve never had an actual need to drive. Again, driving will be my ONLY option. No walking, busing, or riding a bike

Administrator answers:

Insurance would be whatever it is in the place where you live. It won’t be what it would be if you lived somewhere else.

There are no “fairly cheap” policies for drivers who are only 16 years old. All car insurance policies for drivers that age are very expensive. But the price is based on where you live, and it more for a month in the most expensive places than it is for a year in the least expensive places.

Thomas asks…

What are good cheap rear wheel drive cars?

I am getting ready to get my first car and I would like to get something that is quick, American, rwd, manual, 2 door and older (preferably 1970-2000). But it also has to be cheap on insurance.

Administrator answers:

Lincoln mark 7 and 8 lsc. Unfortunately they only come in automatics, but they are fast cars. Mark 7 has the 5.0 mustang motor, mark 8 has the 4.6 cobra motor minus supercharger. Insurance is cheap. Cops wont pull you over often because its a lincoln which means to them that you are a responsible driver. The mark 8 has a top speed of over 140 mph, take the governer out could go 160+ look for a 96 and up lsc model which adds 10 horsepower to 290. Has HID headlamps, 0-60 time of 6.7 seconds, auto glide seats, LED turn signals on the mirrors, big neon tail lights, 4 wheel air suspension, dual exhausts all stock from the factory. All your friends will be like what kind of car is that, never seen one. Gas mileage is good for a V8 gets 25-30 mpg highway and around 20 in town. The mark 7 was made from 1984-92, mark 8 1993-98 they dont make the marks no more :(

Joseph asks…

Where can i find cheap car insurance having passed my pass plus test?

I know that pass plus can take money off your car insurance with certain companies like churchill, aviva, AA etc. But which one takes more money off or are they all the same?

Administrator answers:

No such thing as ‘cheap’ insurance, the question has been asked over 5000 times and the answer is always the same. Get as many quotes as you can be bothered doing from as many different sources as you can find, and the cheapest you find is the cheapest there is.
Pass Plus doesn’t make that much difference, it might knock £100 off the typical £3k premium for a teenage new driver.

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