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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

June 12, 2013

Laura asks…

What is a good car insurance for teen drivers?

My car insurance just keeps going up and up, and my son will be driving in a month and I can’t afford it. Just let me know of a cheap and good car insurance if you know of one, and if you have it please tell me how you like it, thanks!

Administrator answers:

All the major car ins vary their rates on your address & age, your best bet is to get a price quote from as many as you can. Good luck.

Ruth asks…

Asking all under 25 female drivers in uk- whats a cheap car insurer?

Asking all female drivers under 25!! Does anyone know of or have been with any cheap car insurance companies? Ive already checked quite a few but they seem really expensive…Please help!

Administrator answers:

Paying too much for car insurance. That is because Car insurance companies fool the average american, the same companies have the best deals available for people who actually look for deals because they know there is no other way to get them to join thier company. This site has links to various car insurance companies that are guaranteed to give you their cheapest quotes. Thank You!

Helen asks…

Couple questions about car registration, insurance and license in California?

So I’m 19 and I have a Maryland driver’s license but I’m going to be living in Los Angeles, California from July till October. I’m going to buy a car as soon as I get out there…

Do I have to convert to California driver’s license?

If so what fees/tests am I looking at?

Also, how much is registration?

Do I need insurance on the spot when I register the car?

What’s the cheapest insurance out there?

Answer any that you know, thanks!

Administrator answers:

Try to consult these matters to experts. Try to check this site. I guess they can help you.

Nancy asks…

Any cheap car insurances for first time drivers?

I am 20 and I have been driving for 2 years and recently got my own car. But I heard car insurance is expensive and I wanted to know if there’s any car insurance that is cheap. I live in Southern Cali. Do you recommend anything? Please help. And thank you.

Administrator answers:

I would have suggested getting “third party property damage only” type insurance, having it for a few years showing the insurance company that you don’t claimTHEN buying a more expensive vehicle. What I know some insurers would take your third party only insurance history into account and give you a discount on comprehensive.

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