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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

May 29, 2013

Jenny asks…

How to get car insurance for a reasonable price at 17/18?

Please, please please, do not say “oooh you’re a hazard, you’re not going to get cheap car insurance” GTFO!

I am asking people who have managed to get reasonably cheap car insurance. How did you get it? What car (size engine)? What Company?

I think if I get my insurance down to £1700 I will consider buying a car but I want to know how feasible this price is.

Oh, by the way, I am 17 (but I will buy the car when i’m 18), I have been riding a moped for 2 years with no accidents (I’m not sure if this helps) and i won’t use the car a lot, I just want a little run around.

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers guys!

Administrator answers:

1) Your choice of car………. Don’t expect to be able to afford anything with an engine bigger than a 1.2litre Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa, or perhaps a Ford Ka….. At the most a Ford Focus / Vauxhall Astra / Volkswagen Golf with a 1.6litre is certainly the biggest you can expect to get away with….. And almost certainly something like a Toyota Aygo (Group1 insurance, designed for young drivers).

2) Consider taking the “Pass Plus” advanced driving lessons… That’s supposed to help

You may also want to look at a few advanced driving books such as “Roadcraft” to also help keep you out of trouble….. And help you build-up your No Claims Bonus (NCB) for the future.


3) Your choice of insurance company… Some are kinder to Young drivers than others……


Joseph asks…

How much do you think the cheapest insurance would be for my classic car?

My car is a 68′ . Yes It is very old. I have been trying to get a quote but most websites do not have the option for cars older then the early 90′s late 80′s. Anyone with a classic car help? I thought about antique tags but I will use It as a daily driver and in the state of VA that’s illegal so.. it’s chevy impala 4 doors. btw. all I want is a liability.

Administrator answers:

For liability only, You don’t want or need “classic” insurance. The cost of liability only should be easy to get and it doesn’t matter if the car is 100 years old or is brand new. Your “mistake” is you are asking a computer for a quote. Computers are required to ask the age of the car but they don’t know that because you only want liability, the age of the car doesn’t matter. Simply get a quote from a real live, local insurance agent in your town.

Mary asks…

Would like a car for new driver?

I am nearing the date of my driving test and would like to have a car before or just after I’ve passed.

Can anyone suggest any good makes that will run around London and do the occasional long trip. I would also like one that will be cheap on insurance (as I’m a first time driver)

Any suggestions would be greatfully recieved.

Administrator answers:

A used compact that will be cheap on gas and insurance in the States I recommend a Toyota Corolla with five speed they get the best gas mileage if driven right. Nothing in trunk or as you say, boot and keep the speed under 55 MPH and get it in top gear and keep it there as long as possible

Ruth asks…

What is the cheapest drivers ed program?

I am looking for the CHEAPEST drivers ed in MA that offers a week-long course over school vacations. Thanks!

p.s. does anyone have any experience with doing a drivers ed course online? is it still the 30 hours? do you still get the insurance discount? is it good? bad?

Administrator answers:


sign up at that site — its 100%free. And you can even find a drivers ed program

Paul asks…

I just moved to California (from NC). What to do about license plates and registration?

I just moved to California (from NC) and since NC has cheaper insurance rates, I would like to keep my NC insurance as long as possible. When does the law say that it’s mandatory for me to change my resgitration and license plates? Moreover, since I only have 1 license plate in the back, can I be fined for not having a front plate, even though it is out of state?

Administrator answers:

You will be required to answer questions on form REG 343
In section 3 the question is; Date you went to work in CA or became a resident. You have 20 days.
Becoming a resident means buying or renting a house, or signing up for gas cable water & electricity, or getting a CA drivers license or registering to vote….
College students are exempt.
Read over the form.
It’s a legal document that you sign under penalty of perjury under the laws of CA if that’s a concern to you.

CA does not give tourists from other states tickets for only having one plate. That would be bad PR.

Chris asks…

How to get cheaper insurance for 18 year olds?

Ok, so I am in full time education and have a small part time job. As everyone knows insurance is very high for young drivers and as everyone wants, how can it be lowered? I have heard of a limiter where you can drive over the speed limit but immediately your insurance company or some other important people find out. People have said for me to not get one of these but still I would like to find out more about them.
Please could you tell me how much they lower the insurance by and what sort of price per year we are looking at?

Administrator answers:

My best advice is just to call around an check with different insurance companies and see what rate you can get.

Without knowing your state and driving habits no one can give you real information

George asks…

Can I get cheaper Car Insurance in England if I have 3 different clean Drivers Licences?

South African Licence, Japanese Licence and English Licence, all CLEAN! Can I get cheaper car insureance then?
No insurance claims either.

Administrator answers:

No as they would only take in account the English one. You only get cheaper car insurance in England if:

You have a clean licence
Have No Claims
Are over 25

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