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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

May 2, 2013

William asks…

Where to find cheap insurance when I have a teenager that lost her license for three months?

My daughter received three tickets and her license was suspended, She is able to get it back now but the insurance company wants to charge me $500 a month just for her. Are they kinding who can afford that.

Administrator answers:

Kim anytime you break any driving laws out there the insurance people are going to show you the door and you are a teenager,Trust me it’s going to be a lot worse for you because according to our insurance people nearly all teenagers are horrible drivers and about 90% of them got into their accidents by this problem they all have it is called cell phones.In new york they have banned them due to the accidents and deaths they have caused.Now you know why? Need I say more about this,others are DUI as a minor or DRUGS of any and all illegal kinds and sorts.If I was your insurance agent what would be my answer to you now. ?

Richard asks…

Best car for a teenager in the uk to get?

I’m nearly 18 and am having driving lessons so I need to find a car. I have looked at a lot of popular cars that young people go for (corsas, ka’s etc) but I don’t want an old car. Ideally I’d like a slightly newer car with cheap insurance and tax, as well as being very economical. Would appreciate it if you could give me a list of some cars that cost less than £2000 and that will have cheap insurance, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Cheap insurance is £4000 for a new driver and that is on the older Corsa ans Ka’s you don’t like. Anything newer will be considerably more so your better off staying with the ones others have to keep costs lower.

Nancy asks…

Can i get a better insurance for my car?

I just bought a car last week. My fiance and I are in the registration. The lender of the car (GM Financial) is asking to have my fiance in the insurance but he does not have a license since he had a DUI back in 2010 and other little felonies. He have a bad driving record and my insurance (Allied Insurance) wants to charge me 289.00 a month. Can i find a cheaper insurance for the both of us?

Administrator answers:

“Can i find a cheaper insurance for the both of us?”
You may if you call around and ask.

Note: Despite what so many people mistakenly believe, you do NOT have to have a drivers license to buy insurance !!!!!!!!

Robert asks…

What is the cheapest auto insurance for young drivers?

With your experiences with auto insurance, whats been the cheapest you’ve had or knew someone had. I’m 20 with a 2001 Mazda Protege LX 2.0L in NYS

Administrator answers:

There is no such company. The cheapest company for one person may be the most expensive for the next person. Call around, get quotes. It is THE only way.

Thomas asks…

What’s the Average GPA to get cheaper insurance for new driver?

I am getting my license on July 14th and my parents say they are not gonna let me take my exam if I don’t have a 3.5. it’s gonna be kind of impossible considering i have a 3.0 and there’s only 2 weeks left. We have statefarm and we’ve had it for awhile. My parents said Statefarm says that if you have a 3.5 you get cheaper insurance. IS THIS TRUE OR IS THE AVERAGE GPA 3.0 ???

Administrator answers:

Every company I’ve ever worked for, will give a discount if you keep a 3.0 average.

Donna asks…

What company offers the cheapest car insurance for a first time driver?

And also what types of cars are the cheapest to insure? I live in nyc, the 11434 area code. I desperately need a car for college and everything I’ve checked so far is asking a fortune a month! Help! Thx in advance.
oh and i’m 23

Administrator answers:

There is no such company. Simply call around for quotes, stick with an older, 4 cyl. Common sedan

Steven asks…

Need help to find a car with cheap insurance?

Ok so im nearly 17 and i live in the uk so will be taking my driving test soon. I want a car that isnt to expensive to run and cheap insurance as insurance is really high at the moment an the car cant be to expensive either as i dont have a lot of money the most money i would be willing to be pay is about £2500 and cheapest insurance please!

Administrator answers:

A word of advise would be to go for a low engine so don’t go buying a 1.8 petrol! The lower the engine, the more chance of it being cheaper to insure, to buy and to run. Here are a few that can be found at or below your price range:

1, Peugeot 206 – go for the 1.1 litre
2, Renault Clio- again go for a 1.1 to 1.2 engine
3, Volkswagen Polo- If your willing to pay up to £2500 then this would be a cracking first car. You can pick up a good 1.2 Polo for between 2000 and 2500 and its worth the money, they are reliable, fun to drive and good on petrol-you need to get the 1.2 engine though. This would man it super low on insurance-think its a group 2

Lastly I think you should search for insurance groups on Google, You need to find a car which is either group 1 or group 2, sites on Google should list off some cars which are best for a young driver

Lizzie asks…

cheapest insurance companies in the UK for new/young drivers?

I have recently bought a car, I am 18 years old and my driving test is on the 18th of December. Obviously I need to insure the car for when I pass but I was looking for a relatively cheap insurance company because obviously they’re rediculously expensive. any advice? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

There’s no cheap insurance companies or quotes whatsoever. Believe me, l’ve been researching for ages after passing my driving test and the cheapest quote l found (still expensive!) ls over £1500 a year, so approximately £133 per month. L pay monthly as l wouldn’t be able to afford the annum fee. L’m selling my car next year. Lt’s too expensive to run. :o (

Sandy asks…

What is the cheapest n nastiest car insurance I can possibly take out?

I’m 26, just got my license, have 0 years no claims bonus…

What is the cheapest car insurance I can get? I don’t care if they cover me for hardly anything…

Also will they insure me on a Toyato Celica 1.8 VVTI 3DR 2000

I want the cheapest of the cheap guys!! Suggestions??

Administrator answers:

Hahahaha…and then you woke up!!

Sorry dude you’re in for a BIG shock. The cheapest nastiest covers you for nothing car insurance a new driver will get for 1 litre Corsa is about £3k, double or triple it at least for a Celica.

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