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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

April 7, 2013

Sandra asks…

How much would my car insurance cost to pay the minimum payment?

what is the cheapest car insurance company? How much would the minimal payment cost? My 21 yr old bf would be the one paying it and i would be under his insurance. im a first time driver age 19. I am a mom of two kids and highschool graduate. the title to my car would be in his name. Unless it doesnt matter to have it in both our names. we live in ms and he uses state farm.

Administrator answers:

Nobody here has any idea how much your insurance would cost or what the minimum payment might be. Contact some insurance agents and get quotes on coverage.

Jenny asks…

cheapest car insurance for young male drivers What would you like to ask?

My 17 yr old son has passed his test we want to add him to our insurance anyone aware of any good deals at the moment, prepared to pay £2000. but would like the best deal for my money. our car is a Renault megane 54 plate 1600 cc.
Thanks everyone he’s not gonna be the main driver its our family car, getting him insured is just gonna make my life easier no more mum can you take me ……..
AVIVA were the best deal folks.

Administrator answers:

Adding him onto your insurance if he is the main driver is illegal, the insurance company will find out. IF he isn’t the main driver I would advise going onto a price comparison website such as, the cheapest insurance company varys from person to person. After you have found the cheapest quote go to the insurers directly as comparison sites are just middle men.
If he is the main driver and if you can afford it. I would advise you to buy him a small, slow car for around £500 and put him on his own insurance.

Daniel asks…

Good reliable affordable cheap insurance type of vehicle for a first time driver?

I need something to be able to drive around in the Winter in because I live in Massachusetts. I have 2 K saved up so far plus i am still saving for Insurance. I am 21 year old female who had a fear of driving and recently got my license. I am looking for suggestions on Great affordable reliable cars. I also need it to be a low mileage car so I won’t have to buy one again three years from now. Any advice? Thanks so much.

Administrator answers:

Consider an older, run of the mill sedan with a small engine. Or….Ask an insurance company.

Steven asks…

Cheap Insurance Company For Teen Driver In Texas?

I’m 15 years old and I’m going to get my permit soon. And in order to drive, I have to buy insurance. Does anyone know a cheap insurance provider that offers the cheapest rates at the permit stages? And what is the cheapest way to be insured?

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

For you people, the cheapest way to be insured is to drive an old, beat-up car which you don’t worry so much about being damaged. That way, you don’t have to pay for collision, just liability. Geico and Progressive seem to be a good choice for young people..Also, you should check the Top-10 Insurance companies as rated by JD Powers. Choose three companies, call and get quotes from the list and see which one gives you the best rate:

Nancy asks…

What company is going to have the cheapest insurance for a mazda 6s?

I just bought a 2006 madza 6 and i have geico as insurance and its 1100 every six months!! im 19 and ive never had a ticket and i was in one accident that was documented at the person behind me fault(rear ended). what company do you think will have the best rate for me? thanks for any help!

Administrator answers:

There’s no “one size fits all” cheapest. And it’s not as much about the car, as the driver.

There’s no short cut, you have to shop around to see who’s cheapest for you – but your current rate is pretty darned good, for a 19 year old.

Charles asks…

Whats the cheapest car insurance for teen?

Hi I’m getting my drivers license in two weeks I don’t have a car still trying to find one. I’m 17 I live in Hollywood,fl and I’m just trying to find out the cheapest insurance for me. So if you can help me and tell me who has the best policy for teens full coverage and or liability for the cheapest price. Also I didn’t Go to driving school

Administrator answers:

If there were one company that is the cheapest, then it would be the only insurance company in existence.
You will find the cheapest insurance for *YOU*after *YOU* get quotes from insurance companies.

Paul asks…

Is Aviva a good car insurance what is a good car insurance company for a first driver ?

Aviva is the company that gave me a cheap car insurance quote. I would like to know if Aviva is actually a decent company to go with? I am a first time driver they gave me a quote for 501 per month.

Administrator answers:

Aviva is just as good as any other insurer

The good old way is alway to shop around- use yellow pages,.

Donna asks…

Who’s the best company for young car insurance?

I know the kind of car to get for cheap insurance but i’m still looking at around £3000 for insurance, i was just wondering if there is any companies out there people my age can actually afford.

Administrator answers:

No magic company, no magic scheme. You have to shop around.
£3000 is not unusual as rate for young drivers have risen a lot in the past few weeks alone

Sharon asks…

Cheapest insurance company for convicted drivers?

I’ve convicted a drink-driving related offences (DR30) and I do not have any no-claim bonus. I drive a Lexus IS200 Sport. What are the cheapest insurance company for me?

Administrator answers:

I would go to and see if they can help you i dont think you will get a great deal with any insurance company but can look into qoutes for you

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