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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

March 29, 2013

Michael asks…

What is the best insurance for a new driver in nyc?

I’ve been driving for 2 yrs now but got my license about 2 months ago. Im 21 and limited on cash. I need a cheap auto insurance because driving right now is essential with the MTA fare hike.

Administrator answers:

Deffinatly ALLSTATE!

Steven asks…

What is the cheapest insurance for a new driver?

I’m a new driver and I don’t make much but I do need insurance so what is a cheap one?

Administrator answers:

Cheap car insurance. What is cheap for me may not be cheap for you. A lot depends upon several factors of which I’ve listed below. And sometimes, cheap insurance can be very, very expensive in some accidents if you drive beyond the limits of your policy. Also, different insurance companies might apply different “point values” to each of these factors to arrive at your premium payments. So, you’ll just have to make some applications to see what they will offer you.

Your gender
Your age
Where you live vs where you work
Education level & grades
Marital status
Type & age of car you drive
Safety features on the car you drive
Driving record
Credit score & history (this is a soft inquiry – does not affect your score)
Gaps in insurance coverage
Lapses in insurance due to non-payment of premiums
Claims history
Driver education classes
Add-ons to your coverage
Multi-car discount
Multiple policy (car + home)
Criminal record
Miles driven per year
Car alarm (comprehensive rates)
Where you park your car (street vs garage (coll/comp coverage)
Use of vehicle for business/work vs pleasure
The insurance company you choose
Income level
… And a few other minor factors

Ruth asks…

NYC drivers, is there a cheaper way to get Auto insurance?

I hate the fact that we in NYC have to pay 5x more for auto insurance. I noticed some people have cheaper insurance, is there possibly a way to get cheaper insurance?

Administrator answers:

You could always move or walk.

Betty asks…

Why at 22 years old is a first time drivers insurance so dam high?

Yeah so the title says it all.

Has anyone got any tips on how to lower insurance down a bit I’m looking at prices from 2k-2.4k at the moment and that’s only on a 1.3 ford fiesta.

Hopefully someone has a few tips on how to get the cheaper insurance ;p

Administrator answers:

The sad fact is that a huge number of young drivers do not realise a car is a killing machine and they drive it as if they are playing a game. A car is a form of transport from one place to another, not a toy. One in 4 new drivers has a bad crash in their first year, and a good proportion of those are caused by idiot driving, at high speeds, overtaking or going round a bend too fast, to impress their mates. No-one is saying you are such a driver but unfortunately the statistics show this is the truth and until young drivers realise this, they are causing every young driver’s premium to go up and up.

Take a pass plus course, buy a low group car (see for car groups – not entirely accurate but it gives you an idea of which cars are cheapest to insure) and use the car only when you have to, as a form of transport to and from places and not just cruising around with your mates – this will keep the mileage down and therefore the premium lower.

There are no “cheapest” companies for young drivers as it depends on the postcode, driving history, occupation and make/model of car.

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