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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

March 11, 2013

Mandy asks…

How much does car insurance cost per month?

Do you know how can I find out the cheapest car insurance without having to find an insurance broker? So far I got geico, progressive and all state quotes online but I find it expensive. I want prices from multiple insurers. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You can do that online in just 5 minutes.

Go to

This site has a large database of insurers. After you fill out a form with car and driver information the site will match you with the cheapest insurance. Cheers!

Lisa asks…

Can i drive car on my full uk license on insurance for provisional license ?

Hi can i drive a car with full uk license but on provissional license insurance as i passed my test in additon i am 17 yrs old the reason of that is because the cheapest insurance for full uk license with my dad as 1st driver was 2.5grand.

Administrator answers:

1. If you have passed your test and fail to notify your insurer then your insurance is null and void as you must let them know about all changes to the details you supplied when taking out the policy – your licence status was definitely one of them. So NO you cannot legally drive it – fact.

2. If you fraudulently declare your Dad as the main driver and you as a named driver thus declaring him as the owner and registered keeper of your car you are committing a criminal offence. If you own a car and are the main driver YOU have to be the policy holder and declared main driver. See this BBC news item for confirmation

Ruth asks…

Carr insurance with 2 years clean driving record?

I am planning to buy a used car my Driver liscence is 2 years old with a clean driving record i am wondering will i have to pay a lot of insurance or just minimal based on my record and DL. Please suggest which is a cheap insurance option

Administrator answers:

Insurance depends on a lot of individual factors such as type of car, your age and your location. You have a limited driving history so it will be expensive.

The best way to find the lowest quote is to go to

This will compare all companies in your area and find you the lowest price possible.

Hope that helps.

Sharon asks…

does anyone know a good insurance company that will insure a young driver on a sports car?

i’m buying a convertible with a 1.8 engine i’m having trouble finding quotes below £4000, if anyone could suggest some cheap insurance companies that would be great!

Administrator answers:

GEICO is fairly reasonable. When I put my girl on my policy, it went up for about six months then back down again after that, once they realized the risk she presented to them (minimal, in her case).
Most insurance companies don’t care what kind of car you drive. They look at the risk you present as a driver. If you’re a lousy driver, you’ll wreck a bigger car just as easily as you would a smaller one.
Also, if your car is financed or leased instead of owned, you’ll be required to get comprehensive insurance, which is always more than liability.

Steven asks…

what is the cheapest insurance for an 18 year old driver to get?

i dont have alot of money and need the cheapest insurance possible, that covers things somewhat. thankyou!!!

Administrator answers:

Yahoo Answers is not the place to be getting insurance premium quotes because there are way too many factors that determine an insurance premium (meaning nobody will ever be able to provide an accurate answer).

When looking for car insurance, you need to get quotes from all the insurance companines that are even willing to insure you and then see who offers you the best rates.

Helen asks…

What is the cheapest insurance firm for new drivers?

i am 21, female, just passed test…does anyone know any ggod insurance firms to try?

Administrator answers:

Use I saved hundreds.
You fill in all your details, and they search all the main ones for you.
They then come back with a list of firms and prices.

John asks…

My car insurance is so cheap and I know why?

So I got this cheap quote from a auto insurance company. The problem is they did not ask me for the date i got my driver license ( I have mine when I am 18 btw), and they assumed that I have my driver license since I was 16. I guess that is the reason the quote from that company is so cheap. Should I call them to fix it or just go ahead and fill out the application and have cheap insurance?

Administrator answers:

I would call them.!.!!

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