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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

March 7, 2013

Maria asks…

cheapest insurance company for a young driver without the blackbox?

i want to get a car but i dont want to pay 3grand with the black box. any other cheap insurance companies which insure young drivers with pass plus. thank you

Administrator answers:

“cheapest insurance company for a young driver…”

No such company exists and never has done.

You either pay £3k with a black box or £4k+ without one. The choice is entirely yours.

Sandy asks…

Where can I get cheap car insurance for a 17 year old?

I need car insurance preferably under £3000, I can be a named driver on my dads insurance (he’s been driving over 25 years and has 5 years no claims bonus). I have tried comparison websites and even for a 1L 1998 Vauxhall Corsa, they are quoting around £7,000 – it’s daylight robbery!!!

Where can I get cheap(ish) insurance from? What type of cars are best (eg new/old, engine size etc)?


Administrator answers:

“I need car insurance preferably under £3000…”
What you need and what you will get are two different things. The average cost of insurance for someone your age, is over £4,500 a year.

“I can be a named driver on my dads insurance…”
Not if you are the registered keeper or the main driver of the car, you can’t. That is called ‘fronting’, which is insurance fraud. You can go to prison for insurance fraud.

Susan asks…

What is the cheapest insurance for beginning drivers in NC?

I’m about to turn 16 and get my license but I need proof of insurance before I can get it. What is the best insurance to get and how much will it cost?

Administrator answers:

To bad you don’t have the intermet…you could start with that ***** flo [progressive will list top 4 rates] and then you could check google,,car insurance NC. Then call,,with a phone your local independant insurance company,,,..If only you had a computer and internet service,,,

Jenny asks…

what is the ceapest car model to get insured on for a young male driver in uk?

i am 21 years old and have not been insured on a car since i passed my test. i want to buy a car now that will allow a cheap insurance policy. i have read on multiple websites that old vw beetles are very cheap to get insured on at around 1400 – 2000 pounds. is this true and are there any other rare models or types of car that allow this sort of price range for my situation, i have also heard of people getting very cheap quotes for kit cars?

Administrator answers:

How is it so bad for everyone? Try Admiral with someone with a good driving record as named driver. I’m 21 had 2 accidents in the last 3 years and I’m insured on a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta for only £700

Linda asks…

Where can you get cheap car insurance after driving ban is up?

Anyone know any cheap insurance companies after driving ban? Please no trolling I know I did wrong. ;p

Administrator answers:

Sorry sunshine, you screwed up. There is no alternative but to pay the penalty.

I don’t believe any Company has any sympathy toward drivers with a chequered past. Even those of us who have done no wrong are suffering as result of some of your colleagues with higher and higher premiums.

Joseph asks…

What is the cheapest car insurance for teen drivers?

Live in Ohio, have good grades, and the insurance would be on old little GM car from the 90s.

Administrator answers:

If you get insured with your parents and they are in good standing (clean driving, good credit) it shouldn’t be as high. I work for State Farm and am insured with them too. I haven’t seen anybody beat us when all conditions are met, like I just said, with parents having no tickets or accidents, good credit, etc.

My son, 18, has a 2010 dodge charger with extremely high limits, maximum coverages and he only pays us $130 a month for his portion, which is not bad at all. They have several discounts available to teens too, like good grades, steer clear and good driving. If my son just had basic liability and basic comprehensive and collision coverages, his portion would be less than $100 a month.

With your car, being with your parents and if your parents are in good standing, yours should be relatively cheap. That other guy’s estimate was wacky.

Helen asks…

What company provides the CHEAPEST auto insurance?

I want the very cheapest auto insurance out there. The bare minimum so that if I were to be pulled over, I would be legal. The coverage is not important. Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

There is no ONE insurance company that is right for everyone – everyone is rated individually – and all companies have different “likes and dis-likes”, different credit tiers, different business models, and many other factors that can vary your rate – and a QUOTE is ONLY a quote until the policy is issued.

Typically, insurance rates will vary from State to State and can even vary by ZIPCODE! It also will depend on the type of car/truck, coverages, limits of liability, and driving record. Some companies run credit scores and MOST run a motor vehicle report and CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) report to see about undisclosed accident involvement.

The best thing to do is call a LOCAL independent agent or broker. Don’t go across town, or to some other city – look for someone CLOSE. Just look in the phone book for the PIA or Big I (Trusted Choice) logos and you will find a professional licensed agent that will be able to help you solve your insurance problems, and give you rate comparisons of several different companies.

An independent insurance agent will normally have a dozen different companies and if he cannot help you, he should be networked with other local agents that can.

In my agency, we have companies that do NOT run a credit score and welcome drivers with “less than perfect” driving records and specialize in youthful operators!

Most of the replies on this site say “go to this on-line carrier or that on-line carrier or that 1-800 number” but I’m sure that when you do, you will find some impersonal computer user with a script to work from and you won’t be able to talk with the same person every time you have a problem!

Good luck, drive RESPONSIBLY and I hope this helps!

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