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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

February 18, 2013

Robert asks…

Are there any insurance companies who offer REALLY cheap new driver insurance?

I have my driving test (practical) booked for the 7th March 2012. I have been searching for cheap car insurance and the lowest I can find is about £7000 which I just cannot afford. Im only looking for insurance for a few months, less than a year for a few hundred pounds. Please, any suggestions greatly accepted.

Thanks :-D

Administrator answers:

Insurers charge premiums based on the risk you pose. As a new driver with no driving experience, you have no way of proving to the insurer just how safe a driver you are, but drivers with a similar risk profile to yourself have been proved to make a high volume of claims. Typically one in four new drivers will make a claim within their first year and as claims typically cost thousands of pounds, that is a big outlay for the insurer. As such, and particularly in this difficult financial climate, no insurer is going to gamble that a new driver may be a safe driver. They will charge you realistic prices bearing in mind your lack of experience.

I have been driving for nearly 30 years and it took many years of claim free driving before I got cheap insurance. I am now being rewarded for that safe driving with cheaper insurance. Why do you feel that you should be rewarded in the same way with cheap insurance when you have not got the experience I have. We all had to pay a lot when we first started. It will take time before the price comes down.

Have you tried smartbox insurance? They monitor your personal driving habits. If you are a safe driver, it will reduce your premiums. It’s a way of paying for how you personally drive rather than how new drivers in general drive. My experience is that for new drivers, it is the cheapest option available.

Maria asks…

What is an average monthly insurance rate for a 16 year old driver?

I want to get ideas for what people pay. I want to know where I can get the cheapest insurance.

Administrator answers:

Cheapest does not equal best.

By going cheapest, expect to pay a fortune out of pocket, when you do wreck.

And call some insurance companies. It’s not rocket science. And you’ll get an immediate quote.

How hard is that to figure out?

Charles asks…

Whats a good car I can get insured on at 18 years old?

I currently drive a ford fiesta 1.3lx (about 900 a year to insure with my dad as the main driver) but want to get something newer and more sporty. Whats a good sporty car I would be able to get reletivly cheap insurance for at 18?
I can get insured on a honda civic 1.4s for about 1400 but I wanted something like a ford puma or a vauxhaull tigra but Tesco or direct line couldnt give me an online quote :@!!!

Any suggestions?
Can people please stop posting stupid answers!!! When I say cheap I mean roughly under 1500, and when I say sporty I mean something that looks sporty but doesnt have to have a big engine or anything. I got a quote for a mazda 323 for 1300

Administrator answers:


Ruth asks…

What is the cheapest auto insurance for teens these days?

I’m 18 and just got my first car. I would like to drive it but sadly have no insurance on it yet. I then looked up quotes and found out it is real expensive, $500 and more. Is there any way a teen like myself can get cheap auto insurance?

Administrator answers:

If you qualify, nobody beats State Farm for insuring teen drivers. If you can be added to your parents policy that would be best, so that you can get a multi-car discount and if their home is insured, a multi-line discount. Good grades and clean driving will drop the price, they also have this program for young drivers called Steer Clear, you watch a video and keep a driving log — that will earn another discount.

Sharon asks…

What are the requirements to get my CA Driver License?

I’m 18 years old. I been driving without a license since the age of 14. I have my driver’s ed completed. I have a social, work, and a car. What do I do next? Take the written exam? Is there any exam? I wear glasses but I really don’t want to wear them for the eye exam? is there an eye exam? Also what is the cheapest insurance you can get. I just want the required State of California Insurance for first time drivers.

Administrator answers:

Hello Mauricio,

Yes, as the first step you will need to take the vision and knowledge tests. You won’t be able to pass the vision test without your glasses I guess – you need to have a perfect eyesight to do that. You can find an example of the knowledge test here:

If you pass those two tests, you are eligible for a road skills test. Usually, this is what you are required to be able to do and remember:

You can find all the details on licensing procedures, as well as traffic signs, rules and regulations in the driver’s handbook for the state:

Good luck!

Helen asks…

What is the Difference between a PRIMARY and SECONDARY type of driver on Insurance?

Was looking at Auto Insurance and was wondering what the difference is between being a Primary driver of a vehicle and a Secondary. Is it cheaper on insurance to be a “primary” if one driver has more years experience than another or does it matter at all? I gather being an “occasional” driver would make a difference on insurance though.

Administrator answers:

The primary driver is the person who drives the vehicle the most, or has possession of it the most. The secondary would be other people who drive the car on occasion. To be a secondary, you must be listed as a part time/secondary driver on the policy. Depending on your secondary’s driver license, your rates could be much higher, not change. If the person is under 25, and particularly male, your rates will increase substantially. Defensive driving classes help reduce your rates, for each person who takes a class and passes.

Steven asks…

Recommend me a cheap car to buy and insure?

I’ve just passed my driving test and all I’m wanting to drive is a runabout for a year just to get me started. Wanted one for below £1000 and cheap insurance is needed. What do you guys recommend?

Administrator answers:

I literary just bought a car myself! :P
I passed a year ago but until then I was using my sisters and when I finally got round to buying my own I realised I knew nothing! :P
First, make sure the car you get has a small engine (mine is 1.2 but for less than a grand you can find some decent 1.0 engine cars- small the engine the cheaper the petrol!)
Also, try and get a car with little milage, again mine is 10,000 but my sisters was 50,000 so aim for about there.

If you check on it has listings and you can enter a price range- you can even filter by colour!
Peugeots are great for new drivers and Toyotas are super cheap. Also you may want to make sure its a manual car. That should be cheaper AND its extra practice.

Finding a new-ish car below £1000 will be hard but if you don’t mind having one older than 8yrs or so you can find one easy. There are loads onsite for £800ish :)

I know what I wrote is super long but I hope it helped! Xx

Carol asks…

How can i get cheaper car insurance there must be a way!?

Hi i really can’t afford much and i do want a cheaper car insurance quote for my car.But i don’t know much about how to get my car insurance quote down is there any tips or ways that you can tell me because its expensive and i am not even a classed as a young driver so it should be cheap!

Administrator answers:

All the tricks and tips are all on this brilliant website it will save you loads on your car insurance quote it worked for me ! Go to

Lisa asks…

What are typically the cheapest auto insurance company in Massachusetts?

I currently am with MetLife but they increased charges this year, so I’m looking to change the company. Any suggestions to cheaper auto insurance? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

If there was an insurance company that was cheaper than all the rest, everyone would go to that company and the rest would go out of business. Some insurance companies intentionally charge high rates to high risk drivers because they do not want their business.

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