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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

February 11, 2013

Donald asks…

When you call the insurance companies up, do they reduce the premium price?

I mean the quote you get online, do they reduce from that? or they ask some more questions and look for chances to increase it?
i’m 19, just passed and don’t know much about all these. So shall i talk to them or let anyone elder do it?

any really good cheap insurance site for young drivers? one that you’ve used and found very good!

Got stuck with these insurance stuff, lol; thanks guys

Administrator answers:

Cheatest way to to talk to your parents auto insurance company. Ask how to get discounts, multi-car, multi-line, good driver, good student and any others they may offer.

Helen asks…

How much would insurance be for a 16 year old with a 2008 G6?

Me and my dad went looking for cars and he said that he would buy me a 2008 G6 but I have to pay for insurance, with full coverage. Any idea how much it would be?
And if so, where can I get the cheapest insurance.
Oh. And I live in Michigan. And I have a job. If that makes a difference in anything.

Administrator answers:

Young driver plus late model car needing comp & collision = monster insurance premium.

Unless you have a well paying job or a trust fund, you need an older car that doesn’t need comp & collision. Get something that’s cheap enough that if something happens to it, it’s no big deal.

The cheapest insurance will probably be on your parents policy. If they think making you get your own policy on a car in your name will keep them from being sued they’re wrong. You are their dependent and the courts can come after them if you cause an accident and don’t have enough coverage.

Don’t mean to scare you, but that’s the truth. Just allow for it.

Sharon asks…

Anybody know the cheapest way to get car insurance?

Im 18/ female and this will be my first car , first time driving…prices are soo high it’s hard to get cheap insurance at my age being a new driver. Does anyone know a loophole or just a way to get it real cheap?

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as “cheap” insurance for an 18 year old driver. It does not exist

It WILL be very, very expensive – simple as. No loopholes and no way round it. That’s life in 21st century Britain.

James asks…

where can i find realy cheap car insurance for new drivers?

thier are places that have insurance for new drivers for like £100 or something like that. at the moment car insurance for me is £2000 and thats just a rip off i need cheaper options !

Administrator answers:

Swift cover . Com or tesco, but tyhere’s no way you will get insurance for £100.00
a new driver insuring a corsa 1000cc will expect to pay around £1000

Chris asks…

Car insurance discount for drivers using a camera?

Does anyone know of any UK car insurance companies that offer a discount to drivers who use an in-car forward facing camera such as

With increasing premiums i’d be tempted to splash out £200 on one of these for a cheaper insurance quote!

Administrator answers:

There aren’t any. The ones that do such insurance also provide the cameras and at the moment I believe it is only available for trucks and buses.

Lisa asks…

Where can i get cheap car insurance for a first time driver?

I am 17 and want to get a insurance for a Peugoet 205 1.8 turbo deisil and need the cheapest car insurance because im a student please help!!!

Administrator answers:

There ain’t any. Ask your parents and go as a named driver.

Donna asks…

Best car for a first time driver in terms of insurance etc?

My girlfriend is taking her test soon and if she should pass was wondering which would be the best car to get her in terms of cheap insurance? Is there any sites that list insurance by car model? And any other general first car advice is welcomed. We are in the UK by the way.
Thanks guys!

Administrator answers:

I had a ford fiesta 2003 and it was really cheap on insurance for me.
Have a look on it might have something on there for you to look at.
Good luck to ur girlfriend hope she passes.

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