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Your Questions About Google

June 24, 2012

Maria asks…


I do not have google account or nor do I sign into google but I do use Google to search bar.

So all this talk about google privacy policy ONLY apply if you sign into google or not???????????/

Administrator answers:

From what I understand from this link: they only store information on you if you are logged in to a google or youtube account. The article said : “Google has pointed out that users can search anonymously or while logged out to avoid being tracked”

So I guess this means that they don’t store data on you if you’re not logged into an account. However the EU is seriously considering this a ‘violation of privacy’, so the policy may not last long.

Still, if you’re really worried you can always use Bing ;)

Susan asks…


I know that google changed its logo on .com for american veterens day. Why didn’t they change it for ENGLISH Remembrance Day?

Administrator answers:

Check the site
but its because its an ENGLISH holiday that’s why well ppl dnt celebrate other ppls holiday otherwise u gonna see a new logo each day

Betty asks…


k i m in a very complicated situation.
So i type mi yahoo username into google and mi yahoo answers profile pops up….and a couple other accounts i made with other things but i havent used. and the questions that i answered also come up. so im trying to get that stuff outta google but i got no idea how to……ANY HELP?

Administrator answers:

You can’t do anything about it. You have your stuff in Yahoo. Yahoo (and most other sites) SUBMITS all it’s content on to search engines so people can find it. It’s not googles fault – that’s the business they’re in – putting peoples information into their search engines because it’s been submitted to them for that purpose.
Maybe there’s something in your Yahoo settings you can change so you can stay hidden (from now on)???

ANY site that is primarily for sharing info, connecting people etc. Like yahoo, msn, forums etc will share the info on search engines. If you don’t want to be on there – don’t join these type of places or use a nickname or phony name.

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