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Your Questions About Google Voice

June 27, 2013

Jenny asks…

What shows up in the call log when you use Google Voice from your phone?

I recently wanted to start using google voice to call my friend. So if I use google voice from my G2 to call her phone what number will show up on her bill when it shows every outgoing and incoming call? Will it be my personal number or will it be my google number I am calling from?
Were both using T-Mobile by the way.

Administrator answers:

“Google Voice stores, processes and maintains your call history, voicemail greeting(s), voicemail messages, Short Message Service (SMS) messages, recorded conversations, and other data related to your account in order to provide the service to you.
When you use Google Voice, Google’s servers automatically record certain information about your use of Google Voice. Similar to other web services, Google Voice records information such as account activity (including storage usage, number of log-ins), data displayed or clicked on (including UI elements, links); and other log information (including browser type, IP-address, date and time of access, cookie ID, and referrer URL). Google’s servers also automatically collect telephony log information (including calling-party number, forwarding numbers, time and date of calls, duration of calls, SMS routing information, and types of calls).

Donna asks…

How to get a google voice number?

Do I need to buy a google phone? Does google voice have impact on my cell phone bill?

If I connect my home phone and cell phone to my google voice number, if someone call my home phone, can both my google voice number and home phone ring? Because if someone in my house, I would like the phone to be picked up by my family members.

Can someone give me some information about google voice? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You need to be invited to Google Voice.

Sandy asks…

How do I end my cell phone service and keep my number on Google Voice?

My cell phone contract is ending and I’m ready to be done with the company because I’m moving to an area that they do not provide service.

I heard you can keep your number with Google voice, but if you port the number you get charged a cancellation fee.

Should I wait until the contract ends, port my number, then end my cell service? Or is there another way to accomplish my desire of keeping my number on Google Voice?

Administrator answers:

I think your understanding is correct, wait for contract to end you will be on month to month and then port your number. Google charges a one time fee to port number.

Steven asks…

How much does it cost per minute to make a call to Lebanon using google voice?

I’m going tobe using the area code 330. I also would like to know if I use my existing mobile number, will it take that number away from my mobile phone? Lastly, does google voice work with AT&T?

Administrator answers:

Lebanon – Landline$0.10
Lebanon – Mobile$0.19

Not bad compared to the old days.

I have ATnT and GoogleVoice.

Paul asks…

How do i turn off call forwarding to my phone from Google Voice?

Whenever someone calls my google voice, my cell phone rings. How do i turn that off? i dont want to receive texts or calling from my google voice on my phone.

Administrator answers:

Go into the Google Voice web interface

Click the Phones tab of your Settings.
Your temporary number will be listed at the top of the page. Click Delete to remove the temporary number you’ve set.

Thomas asks…

Can Google Voice transfer my home phone to an online # and be accessed on two android phones?

I have 3 phones. I would like to know if I can transfer my home # to google voice then have google voice send the call simultaneously to my cell and my wife’s when the phone “rings”.

Administrator answers:

Only if Google offers local number portability in your area. Contact them and ask.

Best option would be to have your google voice number call all the phones and only give out the google voice number.

Sandra asks…

How Do You Make A Call Using Google Voice?

I just installed Google Voice but I can’t seem to figure out how to make a call using it. Could someone tell me step by step how to do it. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

What are your trying to make a call on your phone or computer

computer- you go to (you should have your account set up if your asking this question.) then it will say call on the left hand side you click on that and type in a phone number this will call your phone when you answer it will start ringing this is google voice forwarding you to the number you called i no kind of stupid but thats what it does wanna make a call from your computer go to googles gmail (hopefully you have a gmail account cuz google rocks) on the left can side it says “call phone” on the left to the bottom of the options where all your contacts are click on that and type in the number you want to call (this is free to anyone in the u.s. Land line or cell) you can call them right off your computer your number will not show up though just for a heads up)

if your trying to make a call off your phone well from what i no you cant it just goes right threw your phone thats the best i can answer that you can download skype pay a little for credits and call people threw skype if your calling there skype its free though hope this helps

David asks…

How can I stop my Galaxy Tab from vibrating on Google Voice notifications?

I would like to stop any vibrations when I receive an alert from Google voice on my Galaxy tab 10.1. In fact, I’d like to stop all vibrations on notifications.

Administrator answers:

Open google voice app and click the “do not disturb”. If you do not want any notifications from any apps, go to the home screen and slide down the top bar. In there, select silent mode.

Helen asks…

How do I transfer my google voice mail to my mac?

I have google voice on my iphone how do I transfer the voice mail to my mac?

Administrator answers:

You go to

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