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Your Questions About Google Voice

May 19, 2013

Sharon asks…

How to set up iphone 3G with no sim to use google voice as secondary phone?

I have an iPhone 3G that does not have a sim (upgraded to iPhone 3GS) I would like to turn it into a secondary phone that uses my google voice account. I also have a sipgate account if needed. Im just wanting to use it as a secondary phone to use on my wifi. . How would i set this up or would i need something else to?

Administrator answers:

It is very easy
just follow the instruction there are two ways you can do it
you also need voip app on your iphone siphone is very nice and free from cdiya

Joseph asks…

How to get rid the screening call with Google Voice?

I don’t want people to know I have Google Voice and the standard call tells the caller.

Administrator answers:

Visit the Google Voice website and log in:

Go to Settings > Voice Settings

Under Calls, select Off for Call Screening

Chris asks…

How do I answer incoming Google Voice calls from computer?

Is there a way that I can answer my incoming Google Voice calls on the computer?

Administrator answers:

First you will need to turn on the forwarding to within your GV account.

Log into your GV account and click on “Settings” in the upper-right corner of the page (next to your login gmail account), choose the “Voice Settings” from the list, under the “Phones” tab, you should see the Google Chat as a phone listed, ensure that it is checked to receive calls.

Now, you have to be logged into your Gmail account to answer calls, this is where the Google Chat is found. You can also place calls from your Gmail inbox too. Ensure that you have a good microphone and speakers. And also have the audio volume up so you can hear an incoming call.

Ken asks…

Does getting a Google Voice phone number get rid of your old one?

I would like to add a second number for people to call to reach my cell-phone (I am making a business, and would like a separate number to give out to people, so when I receive a call I know whether it is a friend or someone calling for the business).

My phone is a Motorola Android, with a Verizon plan. If I add a Google voice number, will my original number still work, or will people only be able to contact me on my voice number?

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Your original number still works.

Lizzie asks…

How does google voice save your cell phone minutes?

We have a house phone and 2 cell phones, we want to find out how google voice will save our cell phone minutes?!?!?!?!?

Administrator answers:

It allows free unlimited calling to landlines and cell phones through the use of voip. Depending on your phone model, an app could be available.

Charles asks…

I keep receiving prank calls from google voice, is there a way to trace that persons IP address?

I wanna know and press charges against whoever has been calling my cell phone from google voice. It’s getting creepy and aggravating. Can the IP address be traced to the actually callers pc? And find out who it is?

Administrator answers:

I used to receive many prank calls and was so frustrated! I find this website especially useful! It is fast and accurate and I felt safe using it, as it ensures my confidentiality.

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