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Your Questions About Google Voice

March 27, 2013

Lisa asks…

How can I stop google voice on my phone?

So i bought a google nexus as a replacement phone and I was told I had to install this google voice nonsense to get to my voicemail. So i signup and it has taken over my texts and whenever I get a call I have to press a number to approve it. Is there a way to turn off this approve a call feature from hell? OR do i have to hard reset my phone to get rid of it?

Administrator answers:

Login to google voice
Removing call screening

If you’d like to answer calls to your Google number without pressing any numbers, simply disable call screening in your Google Voice settings. Here’s how:

Click the gear icon at the top right of any Google Voice page, click the Voice settings link, and select the Calls tab.
Select the ‘Off’ radio button option in the Call Screening section.
Click Save Changes.

With call screening turned off, the first phone that picks up will get the call if you have several forwarding phones.

Laura asks…

How to have my google voice always on in my cellphone?

I made a google voice account last week. i try calling from another phone to my google voice but it goes to voice mail. how can i make it ring?

Administrator answers:

You need to log on to your Google voice account and add your cell phone number.

Sandra asks…

Google Voice: How do I take my phone number off my Google Voice account?

How I take my my home phone number off my google voice account? Please help me, it will be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

What do you mean by that have you add your no on google voice or you not want people to call from google voice to your landline no.

Well you can call your phone company and all calls from unknon no will be rejected by phone carrier.
If you add your no and go to setting and remove the home no.

John asks…

How do you get google voice to ring your computer?

I got google voice recently and want to use it on my ipad. Every time I use it tho it only rings my cell. I cant use my ipad to talk I have to use my cell.

Is this how it works?

Administrator answers:

No, Google voice is a service offered so you can have one number allocated to several others (e. G. Say your mother has 4 phones and she wants all her phones with 1 number. She could sign up for Google voice and every-time someone calls her Google voice number the call is forwarded to her other phones) so no you CANNOT use your ipad as a phone.

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