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Your Questions About Google Translate

June 9, 2013

Charles asks…

Why can’t we hear the pronounciation for some languages on google translate?

How come for some languages, you can’t hear the pronounciation on google translate. Why is that?

Administrator answers:

They only did the pronunciations for the most commonly used languages.

William asks…

How do you say “You are more beautiful than the sunset” in Italian? I don’t trust Google Translate.?

When i type the sentence into google tanslate, it gives me “sei più bello del tramonto”. But when i enter that back into google translate, it translates it back to english as “six of the most beautiful sunset”. So what would be correct?

Administrator answers:

Sei più bella(female) del tramonto
Sei più bello(male) del tramonto

Google translate says “six”(the number) because “you are” and “six” in italian are written in the same mode

six= the number, in italian is “sei”
you are=verb to be in italian is “tu sei” or “sei”

sorry for my english i’m italian
i hope you understand

Sandra asks…

Is there a Translator that is better than google translate?

Ok so i know that google translate has some errors, but i was wondering if their was a website, (online helper, or translator) Thats is better than Google translate. Maybe i could submit something in english and have a professional translate it from a website or anything that. (im trying to translate from english into french) Thnx

I prefer the website to be free

Administrator answers:

Not online that in the same fasen and not a dictionary, google translate is the best when you have somewhat sense of the other languge b/c it gives you many options for that one pharse

Steven asks…

Can I trust Google Translate for pronunciation?

I’m learning Russian (I knew some as a child, since my dad is from Russia, but I’ve forgotten most of it now) and can read, but my pronunciation with the words is almost always off since the words are never pronounced like how they look ^^”
I went to Google Translate and hit the “audio” button, and it sounded like it had a Russian accent to me whenever I heard the word spoken, and the same with Japanese and French. Can I trust it to learn how to read and pronounce Russian words correctly?

Administrator answers:

Yeah buddy pronunciation wise you can trust it 95% to be right, but make sure the word is actually translated, as sometimes google translator does not translate the word to the wanted language instead just types that word in the wanted to language, so unless he pronounces “dog” in english which lets say is spelled “$^£” in russian and he pronounces that “dog” then obviously u know its horse****, enjoy learning russian and goodluck with that :)

Paul asks…

Is there any way to make Google Translate automatically come up on my browser?

I have Google Chrome and Firefox. I was wondering if I could fix the settings so that whenever I open Google Chrome, Google Translate is also opened in a different tab. Firefox does it (though it’s for ads and probably viruses) and I didn’t want to mess up my chrome settings, so I figured I’d ask here first.

Administrator answers:

Yes and its very easy, here are the steps:
1. Launch google chrome and click the options icon in the top right (below the X button)
2. Select options
3. Look for the “on startup” section
4. Select “Open a specific set of web pages
5. Click “Set pages”
6. Type in the google translate URL (
7. Exit out of settings and close chrome
8. Relaunch and the google translate web page should appear

Hope this helped :)

Lizzie asks…

Why does Latin come up strange in Google Translate?

When you type something into google translate to change to Latin, it always comes up as a little picture of the words cut into a stone. Why?

Administrator answers:

To show that you should not take the result seriously, I suppose ;-)
Machine translators CAN NOT translate to or from Latin (or German, or Russian). The complicated syntax and the many different forms and meanings of the same word are too much for such a relatively simple machine. Humans have problems at times!

Lisa asks…

In some languages, does Google Translate translate the words in a formal way?

Hey guys, I was just asking because I wasn’t sure. I’ve been using Google Translate for the language that I’m trying to learn but what I wasn’t quite sure is was that do Google Translate translate the words in a formal way? Like some of the languages have like informal or formal way to make a conversation with someone that’s younger and older like Korean. I wasn’t quite sure so if you know could you please answer me? Please for the people who are not interested to answer me or who does not have a fact to tell me about this or just answering me for no reason or being a hater just please leave this question alone. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately Google Translate has many problems. It is fairly effective in translating singe as well as just a few words.
When it comes to sentences and paragraphs their translations leave much to be desired.
In terms of language they don’t have enough flexibility, so they limit themselves to formal language and are unable to deal with idiomatic expressions.
I would suggest after doing a translation from google you check it using Babylon. As far as informal conversation, another program called Urban Dict is an excellent source.
I have used all of the myself and recommend you do so as well.

Hope this helps

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