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Your Questions About Google Translate

April 14, 2013

Joseph asks…

How can I download GOOGLE TRANSLATE to my Smartphone?

I just got my first smartphone. It’s a Samsung Omnia i910. I am still learning how to manage this thing, so I’m still very ignorant. I need advice on how to download the Google translate application into my phone so I can have it at hand in case I need to translate it. I went to the Google website and accessed the Translator link, but I don’t know how to download it to my smartphone.

Your ideas are greatly appreciated!!!!

Administrator answers:

Go to the market on your phone and search translate and it should be the first on. I just did it on my phone to make sure thats how to do it and it worked

Laura asks…

When is google translate Inaccurate in Spanish?

I am in Spanish 2 and my teacher keeps telling people not to use an online translator. So far google translate has done everything correct, including the conjugations! Can someone give me examples where google translate is inaccurate?

Administrator answers:

Google translate is NOT a person who knows what you mean in a sentence.
It is pretty good in translating single words, but does not correct grammar, tenses, etc.
Vocabulary is also tricky, an example which is relevant to Spanish and English. Let’s use the word “just” as an example. It can mean “fair”, or it can mean “precisely, “only”, or “merely”, that’s four different meanings. You have the same thing in Spanish. Any computerized translation will normally translate and give you the first translation. The program does NOT take into account the CONTEXT of your sentence.
Also, it does not take into account the masculine or feminine articles.

It is rather entertaining, and funny to read some of the translations.

Jenny asks…

Is it possible to get bangla in google translate service?

we all know google can translate many languages.You will be surprised to know that bangla is the 4th language in terms of number of population but there is no option for bangla in google translate service.Is it possible to get bangla ? Anybody can help me?It is very important for me as a bangladeshi.

Administrator answers:

I am not sure. Even in Google Language Tools where like 100 languages are listed, Bangla is not there.


But you can participate in volunteer translation, however, when i check the list of languages, Bangla is also not listed.



I just found out this article, where you can contact Google about translation

James asks…

How to change google translate language settings?

I realised that only my google translate is in a diffrent language(korean i think) how can i change it?

Administrator answers:

Try entering here:|en|

Thomas asks…

Is the google translate audio pronunciation for turkish accurate?

Does anyone know if the audio pronunciation that google translate uses for turkish is accurate? I’m trying to say something sweet (and unexpected) to a turkish woman with no previous experience in the language, and that’s what I’ll be going off of. I don’t want to accidentally be saying it all completely wrong!

Note: when you click on the little speaker button for your translation it says it out loud.

Administrator answers:

Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

You should crosscheck with I tried it a few times (not for turkish) and it seems quite thorough.
For most words you can listen to *several* pronunciations

Linda asks…

What dialect of korean does google translate use?

I would like to learn korean (seoul dialect) because all the k-pop singers speak that and I want to understand and it seems interesting to learn. I was hoping that google translate uses the seoul dialect.

If google doesn’t use that dialect, are there any websites that i could use (for free) and teaches seoul dialect.

Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

“Seoul dialect” is standard Korean. Just like the US has standard English.
But anyways, don’t ever use google translator because it doesn’t make sense. I mean it works fine when you use it to translate French to English or something like that, but since sentence structures of English and Korean are very different, it’s better not to expect anything good from google translator. Please don’t use google translator unless the sentence is very short.

I’ve never seen a translator using dialects. They only use standard Korean. Youtube has Korean language videos you can watch. They all speak standard Korean.

And you know you can always ask questions here. :)

David asks…

How to say guys in russian no google translate pleez context below?

When your hangin out with friends and you say guys to get there attention would it be ?????? no google translate pleez thanks

Administrator answers:

Yes, that’s what you would say. It’s kind of like “my children” or “guys.” But, it’s all contextual obviously. Maybe if you’re showing them something you can say, “???????? ????” to “look here” if it’s a group of people. Otherwise, you would use “??????.”

Lizzie asks…

Some funny things to type into google translate?

What are some funny things to write in google translate? Please try to write more than one if you can!

Administrator answers:


Go to Google Translate.
Type in:
Imma beee imma beee imma imma imma beee.
Beee beee beee beee beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?e

Go to English to Chinese(Traditional)

Listen to the voice of the lady by clicking on “Listen”

Hope this makes you laugh!

??? ÐÄ???ÊŠš ???

Nancy asks…

Is google translate reliable enough to learn from?

I have always been amazed at how well google translate makes Russian or french or any language into English. Does anyone who knows another language know if google translate is reliable enough to learn from? essentially if you just read Russian forms all day or translated american websites into Russian could you learn the language? or is it only general translation?

Administrator answers:

No, google translate is not a reliable source. You should not use it for learning a language. Yes, it may give you a proper translation for certain simple words or expressions, but it gets ridiculous when you try translating longer and more complex sentences or expressions.

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