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Your Questions About Google Translate

March 13, 2013

Donald asks…

Is there a way to make the google translate bar appear on command?

I like it when it opens automatically, but sometimes it just doesn’t – for some reason I can’t understand.

I know there are plenty of translation extensions, even an official google translate one, but even the official one is not as good as the automatic popup bar (beats me why).
So, I’m not looking for extensions – I’m looking for a way to “manually” open the translate bar, or if you got any trick that might incite it to open, it would be nice as well.


Administrator answers:


It’s very useful…

Mark asks…

How do you prevent Google Translate from translating a word?

Need help with Google Translate!

Administrator answers:

At the bottom of the page click “Turn Off Instant Translation”.

Mary asks…

Is there a way to record a saying in google translate?

I’m making a song and I was wondering if there was a way to record the voice in google translate as an audio file.

Administrator answers:

Hop this works for you

Maria asks…

What is a better program to use instead of Google Translate, so that I can translate English to Chinese?

Right now I’m learning Mandarin with a friend and when I don’t have him around I’ve been using Google Translate to continue learning on my own. The thing is he just explained to me that Google does A LOT of bad translations from English to Chinese, so I was wondering if anybody new a better program that I could use? I really want to learn Mandarin as quick as possible so any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

Administrator answers:

These webs are informative:

Charles asks…

Why do people always say to use Google Translate?

I always see people here telling people to use Google Translate. Why? Google Translate (and all other web translators) SUCK, and you have pretty much a 0% chance of getting an accurate translation. People are posting here because they want a *person* to translate, not some machine that doesn’t understand context.

Administrator answers:

Google Translate is recommended because it’s probably the most used translator. Unfortunately, translators do not understand context and are therefore very unreliable. It’s not as easy to cheat on your Spanish paper as it looks.

Carol asks…

Where can I find how to translate hiligaynon online like google translate-but that only translate Tagalog?

I need something just like the google translate that will translate English to Hiligaynon & Hiligaynon to Englsih–words, paragraphs,everything.

Administrator answers:

You should visit this link:
It’s a dictionary for hiligaynon. The Web site also offers dictionaries of other Philippine languages. If you have some ability with the language, you’re better off writing the words and paragraphs on your own with the dictionary for references. Google translate is terrible at translating phrases! It’s great for single words, but it tries to translate it too directly and doesn’t understand concepts of grammar.

Laura asks…

Why do people bother asking “Can you translate this?” questions instead of using Google Translate?

I always use Google translate when I want to know what something in another language means and it far faster than waiting on an answer here on Y!A.

Why can’t people here just use Google Translate to translate text instead of asking questions here on Y!A?

Administrator answers:

No local dialect translation

Sharon asks…

Can anyone translate from Arabic to English the google translator doesn’t work?

???? ?????? ?? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??????
i am trying to have someone translate this , and google translate doesn’t translate well, so i don’t know what it’s saying. I also need to know if there is a way to respond to the responses?

Administrator answers:

I already rated 1st answer

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