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Your Questions About Google Scholar

June 21, 2013

Steven asks…

Where can I find some research info about makeup effects on skin?

My friend claims that over the time makeup makes the skin age faster. I want to find some reliable source, for example, a research paper which would either confirm or deny such a thing. I wasn’t able to find anything on Google Scholar :( Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know if this will help but it’s worth a shot.


George asks…

Where can I find academic journals that have been reviewed?

I know about google scholar and my college’s library online. But are there any other search engines where you can find academically peer reviewed journals?

Administrator answers:

*Depending on what you’re researching, consider Psycinfo or EBSCO Host*

Linda asks…

Are there any tools for Firefox that makes sorting all my bookmarks into folders quicker and easier?

I have been rather silly and not created separate folders for all my separate bookmarks, mostly scholarly work(s) from Google Scholar – but many belong to multiple different fields and would take me hours to sort out.

Is there any tools for Firefox which makes all of this sorting out quicker and easier?

Thank you.

Administrator answers:


I use the to save and manage my links, you can try.

There is a multi-level structure to manage your links, like hierarquical folders.


Michael asks…

Where can I find information on treating grief in infants?

I’m looking for information on grief reactions in infants who have lost a parent and models of practice for treating grief. All my searches turn up the death of the infant, not the parent…if anyone’s good at searching Google/Google Scholar and can help, that would be great.

Administrator answers:

There are two areas you might want to research: attachment theory and EPL or “early parental loss”

It’s called EPL “early parental loss”

Attachment theory

In children

Richard asks…

In what ways was the outbreak of World War 1 down to misunderstandings and miscalculations?

I’m really stuck on this, i’ve looked everywhere, the library, google scholar, the internet and nothing…

any help would be massivley appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Hi Hanna,

The war really was attributable to a number of misunderstandings and miscalculations.

1. The Russians severely miscalculated the weakness of the German army and the strength of their own. The Russians had a massive army, but it was poorly equipped and poorly trained.

2. The Germans made two big miscalculations:
a. They overestimated the quality of their Austrian allies.
B. They miscalculated that Britain would stay out of the war and not honor its treaty to defend Belgian neutrality.

3. Everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) miscalculated the length and ferocity of the war. Wars in the 19th century were relatively short ( The Seven Weeks’ War, for example), and relatively bloodless. But with the advent of new weaponry like the machine gun and poison gas, etc. Warfare in the 20th century was very bloody indeed. Nobody saw this coming. The sheer ferocity of the killing meant that a negotiated end to the war was impossible. The people were dying by the millions and they demanded total victory. Any attempt to arrive at a negotiated peace after the people paid so high a price would have sparked revolutions. And thus, the war raged on for years.

And nobody saw it coming.

Hope this helps. Cheers.

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