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Your Questions About Google Scholar

May 1, 2013

Robert asks…

What are some really good search engines for peer-reviewed journal articles?

For my Cross-cultural Psychology paper, I’m using:

Scholars Portal
Google Scholar
U of T Library

Is there anything else I could use?

Also, I noticed that when I click on some articles, the entire text doesn’t come up – just the abstract. Any ideas how I can get a hold of the entire text?

Hello…?? :O

I need help! :(

Administrator answers:

Ugh, I guess I’ll bail ya out on this one as well…

Here’s the one I always used in undergrad:

I was testing it out before I linked it to make sure it was the one I used to use, so “acculturation” should already be in one of the fields, but yeah, just change the fields to different keywords you want and then search. Once you get results, click the “Find It!” key below it, then once inside the link, click “Full text of this article in the EJC” and then “PDF Full Text” or “HTML Full Text”. Sometimes, you’ll get unlucky and they won’t have a full text of it online, so you’ll just have to find another one, but for the most part they’re all there. I’m pretty sure you don’t need a password to use that. But if you do, just tell me.

As for getting a hold of the entire text for ones that just have only abstracts, I would try googling the article’s name in quotes and clicking on the first links that come up. For the most part, it’s going to be hard to find it, but I’ve been able to find a few online that way.

Edit: Oh, n/m, you already have EBSCO on your list. I probably should have looked before I posted that. Hey, it’s the thought that counts… Well, if you use that and Google Scholar you should be fine. Those were the only two I ever used. Or you can use the EJC directly at*)volkey%3D(03064603%2334%231023%2312)) . With that site, it will give you the MLA, APA, or whatever crazy format you Canadians do, for each article (which can be found along the right hand side).

Charles asks…

Where can I find information about home schooling?

I’m doing a research project on home schooling in the United States. I am looking at the history of home schooling, why parents choose to homeschool, laws regulating homeschooling and academic success/achievement of children who are/were homeschooled. Obviously I need scholarly articles. I checked two databases already, ERIC and google scholar and found quite a few articles, but I still need more. If you could tell me about some articles and studies (must be scholarly and peer-reviewed) and/or include links that would be wonderful.


Administrator answers:

For legal information take a look at This is the home school legal defense association. They have a page that links to the laws of every state and a lot of foreign countries.

You can also look at curricula at sites like or There are literally a thousand more sites to look into on that.

As to the history of home school I assume you are looking into the modern history you can look at

You can also try searching home school vs public school standardized test scores/ comparisons, or something similar.

As to why we home school, every family has a different reason. We are as diverse as each culture in this world is, we are deeply faithful in a God (not necessarily the same God) or we may be atheists. We may do it for religious reasons or for scholarly. We may do it because or children were threatened in school. Some of us have home schooled since day one and some have pulled our children out their senior year of high school. The tie that binds us is that we have chosen to take it upon ourselves to bear the responsibility of educating our children.

I home school because we hated our oldest coming home with 4 hours of home work every night. 2nd graders should not have that amount of work after an 8 hour school day. Is that our reason today. Not really. We continue because we love to have the children near. We enjoy their company. We enjoy seeing the love of learning they have developed since we began.

Good Luck with your project. I hope in the end you finish with a positive outlook of home schooling.

Chris asks…

Interesting articles about the process of learning and the human brain?

I am in psychology class and need to report something interesting about the human brain and the process of learning. I would really prefer links to other sites. I have looked at Google scholar but I cant seem to find much. Any suggestions?
Thank you very much!

Administrator answers:

Dr Eric Kandel. Dr V.S. Ramachandran. Dr John Polich

Sandy asks…

How can I find more information about Artworks on the internet?

I need to find some information about some illusion art on the internet, but no-one seems interested in helping me at all, and its due in a few days. I’m struggling to find anything by myself. Do you know any famous works that will be easy to find information on? I can’t use the same artist more than once, and I have twelve paintings to research!

If you can’t help me with that, could you offer me some suggestions on finding information? I’ve been to the libary, searched the internet with some artists and works and even looked on google scholar. Please help!

Administrator answers:

Hey Island Girl,

The best way is to look up experts that you can call, email, IM, etc.. They are in the business, and sometimes, if you catch the right one on the right day, willing to help.

Search for Fine Arts Dealers, or Auctions. Here are some sites that I recommend.

Nancy asks…

What are some good scholarly articles against affirmative action?

I am doing a persuasive paper against affirmative action and having trouble finding articles. Does anyone know of useful ones that are also scholarly? Like ones of Galileo, google scholar, etc

Administrator answers:

Try Huntington, and Richard Rodriguez’s autobiography Hunger of Memory (esp. Chapter 1 and 5). Rodriguez is a mexican american scholar, who was subjected to affirmative action and bilingual education against his will and is now arguing against it

Linda asks…

What are some health care laws that were passed in 2012?

I’m trying to find a topic to discuss in class, but I can’t find anything recent on google scholar or other sites. What are some recent legislation, federal or state level, of 2012? I know about Obama care, but I want more options.

Administrator answers:

Why would there be any other changes in the current health care system except for Obamacare? There are changes to Medicare if that helps you.

Betty asks…

Any sites or articles concerning American Public Opinion during the beginning of World War II?

Haven’t found much with googlescholar–. Wondering if someone has any suggestions. I suppose a slight change in keywords could help. All that I’ve tried have been futile. –Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

You’re probably right about the dearth of sites on your topic.

I’ve found a few things, but you may not be able to access them (I have a Questia subscription that allows me to read online books, magazines, etc.).

Two online books appear to be on-topic for your quest: -
[1] “America and the Origins of World War II, 1933-1941: New Perspectives in History” by Arnold A. Offner.
[2] “Should America Go to War? The Debate over Foreign Policy in Chicago, 1939-1941″ by James C. Schneider.

If you can get these books, either online or via a library, I think you’ll find some of the answers you want.

If you can’t get them, Email me, and I’ll try to send you downloaded excerpts … Although it could take me a day or two, so I hope you’re not in a tearing hurry for the info. If you do Email me, best include your own Email address in the message, because the “reply” via Yahoo! Answers has a 1,500 word limit – useless for your purpose, I’d think.

Mary asks…

Where is a good place to get reliable sources?

I’m doing my senior project on Cyber Safety/Security and I need sources to cite for my research paper. I already tried eLIbrary and Google Scholar. Are there any other good websites to get credible resources from?

Administrator answers:

Just stick with Google…..

Daniel asks…

Any free library or subscription databases to conduct research from?

My school online library is down & I need to complete a research paper. Are there any other credible databases that I can access free of charge online? Business & e-commerce is the topic if this helps!!
I’ve tried google scholar already. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I don’t know if you still need help on this, but your local public library probably also subscribes to article databases on business. Unfortunately, I don’t know your specific library (so I could tell you which ones would be best). Usually you can access most libraries’ article databases with your library card number (and possibly a PIN). If, for some reason, that’s not an option, consider searching It’s a free article search engine put together by Gale/Cengage, which also sells databases to libraries. It’s not nearly as comprehensive as the libraries’ versions and doesn’t have the same search refinement capabilities, but you do get “real” articles. You can limit your search to give only “free articles” in the results (the ones that have full-text).

Good luck with this!

–Bill Pardue
Arlington Heights Memorial Library
Librarians–Ask Us, We Answer!
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