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Your Questions About Google Scholar

September 18, 2012

Nancy asks…

Is there anyway to get google scholar to do a case sensitive search?

I’d like to find all instances of the word “GROW” in all capital letters.

Administrator answers:

No, all Google searches are case-insensitive.

Lizzie asks…

is it possible to print pages of the previews on google scholar search?

I don’t think it’s easy to do since it breaches copyright but I really need to print a few of the pages. Any idea how to do it without doing a screen shot of each page?

Administrator answers:

If your using firefox there is an addon called PDF download you can get a pdf of it then print it once you open the document.

Paul asks…

How to use google scholar?

I am writting a paper for english class and I need to have a scholarly journal, and Im trying to do it on google scholar but I dont know how to actually see the article….if anyone could please tell me I would really appreciate it. THANKS

Administrator answers:

Here is a link to some help.


If there is a malfunction or problem, then contact them here.

John asks…

Is Google Scholar a right scholar to refer to when working on my University essays?

Administrator answers:

Google Scholar is just a search engine for journals and theses. You would get the same results from the main Google search, but most likely buried in the middle of other, non-peer-reviewed articles.

It’s a great way to look up articles, but they may not all be public domain. You may have more luck with the journal databases purchased by your school’s library.

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