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Your Questions About Google Maps

May 26, 2013

Sharon asks…

How often are the Google Maps satellite images updated?

We’ve done quite a bit of renovations on our little farm and I’m curious when we’ll get to see a change in the satellite view on Google Maps or Google Earth.

Administrator answers:

Google purchases the images from many different sources. Most of the images are purchased second hand – basically the images are not taken for the sole purpose of supplying them to Google. Most of the images are taken for completely different reasons and released to the public or sold to Google for extra profit.

Suggestion – your local government agency (county or city) should have a Geographic Information Sytems (GIS) department or division. They could be a great source of aerial photography.

I work for my local GIS division and we have images at 6″ resolution taken in spring of 2008, 2007, 2006, 2003, 2001, and 1997.

Check with your local government – they will be the best source for updated imagery.

John asks…

Does Google Maps really use Satellites while the application is working?

I think Google maps uses cell towers to view gps (My Location) and utilize servers to show Earth Maps.Because those Earth map images were already taken by the satellites and later stored in servers.But My doubt is :While I am using of Google maps I observed a message like ‘ Seeking GPS Satellites (3)’ on right top of mobile screen. What is that?

Administrator answers:

Google maps does not use satellites when you are using the Application. GPS gets the location from satellite and google-maps is using databases having geographic your locations, maps stored in it. The GPS (your location) is related with the google-maps and generate the necessary results.

Daniel asks…

How do I enter more than one destination into Google Maps?

I’m on Google Maps, and I want to plot in various addresses of places to visit. The only thing I know how to do is put in just the Start destination and the End destination, so I’d have to print out many maps when these places are near the same geographical area.

Is there any way I can get more than one destination on the same map?

Administrator answers:

If you do driving directions, there should be a button just under two addresses to add a destination. This can give you multi-stop directions.

If what you want is a map with a bunch of places labeled, but no driving directions, you’ll need to get Google Earth.

Ruth asks…

What happens if Google maps on my phone has no signal?

I have a phone with Google maps navigation (android 2.0). Will it continue to navigate if I suddenly drop signal?

No mobile signal.
So, does this mean I shouldn’t use my phone to navigate in an area where I have really really bad cellphone reception?

Administrator answers:

No GPS signal or no mobile network signal?

Anyway – it will stop (remain on the last position) , until it picks up signal again.

You’re better off using GPS in the google nav.

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