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Your Questions About Google Maps

April 4, 2013

Joseph asks…

How do I find out more accurate distances on google maps or other program?

On google maps, distances are given to 1 decimal place. Is there any way to find out a more precise measurement? two decimals would be optimal.

Administrator answers:

I do not believe that is possible


Sandra asks…

How can i locate Chandsara on Google maps java application?

Friends, i am facing a difficulty on locating chandsara,meerut,uttar pradesh on google maps java application.
I typed this in the search but i showed zero results.It is a village.Is there any solution to this problem?

Administrator answers:

No solution …..

Sharon asks…

How do you plot latitude and longitude coordinates on google maps?

First of all, do you understand my question? Here’s what I am asking. I have a set of geographic coordinates such as Long. W 135 degrees, 40 minutes and Lat. N 45 degrees, 15 minutes. How do I enter those values and make that point appear on my Google map. If one cannot do that then it just shows you how lame Google maps really.



Administrator answers:

Open Google Map and in the Search Field

Enter Latitude First in Decimal degrees.

45 Degrees 15 Minutes in Decimal Degrees is 45.25 Degrees

Next enter Longitude in Decimal degrees
40 minutes is .6666

so you would enter: 45.25N 135.666W in that format.

If you enter an address and there is a RED TearDrop displayed with a “A: in it marking the location you searched for……Right Click on the RED teardrop and select Whats Here and that will dispaly the Lat Long for that point.

It is in the middle of the ocean.

Lizzie asks…

How can i use google maps without using data from a data plan?

Is there an offline version of google maps which I can download to my treo 650? Is there any other free map service i can use withouth a data plan?
I’m using an at&t. I’m going to India in some days and would need it to help me navigate. All i want is a simple map with road names. I don’t require the satellite/traffic views

Administrator answers:

I don’t think there’s a offline version, you need to be able to connect. Regarding that, scroll down and read “Verizon’s dirty little secret”.


So depending on who your carrier is, your Treo might be locked into only being able to connect via a data plan. I have unlimited WAP browsing on my Samsung phone for $5 a month, so I use that instead of a data plan. I use google maps via a WAP browser (Opera Mini) or I use MobileGMaps. Mind you I did have to hack the permissions on the phone to keep it from asking if I wanted to allow the application to access the Internet, which was driving me crazy.

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