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Your Questions About Google Maps

February 15, 2013

Chris asks…

How do you get Google Maps on the iPod Touch?

I have a 4th gen iPod Touch and I want to get Google Maps on it but I can’t seem to find it anywhere except for on the Safari app online… I want to be able to access maps (saved maps) so I can use them without having to use a wifi hotspot. Any ideas on how to get Google Maps or another kind of map app that would help me achieve what I want?

Administrator answers:

Technically the only app there is is the one in the app store that’s called google maps.No other place will let you access maps unless you have wifi connection. What you could do is take still pictures with you iPod of the map you want and itll save in you photos you do this by pressing the home and lock button at the same time

Helen asks…

what are the rules on using google maps in commercial work?

Im designing a brochure for a company and wondered what are the rules on using google maps? also do you know of any other way of obtaining maps. thanks.

Administrator answers:

Best to ask at google maps

they have a legal dept that can tell you yes or no

Lizzie asks…

Can google maps work on blackberry email service?

I have a blackberry email service plan in India. I want to use google maps for GPS. I have a bb curve 3G 9300. If I use it, will I get charged extra?

Administrator answers:

In blackberry mobile phones, you get free internet.. I think it might not get extra charge.. Then also you can google it.

Sharon asks…

What’s the difference between hybrid view and satellite view in google maps?

I use google maps on my iPhone so I don’t know if there are satellite view and hybrid view in the normal google maps.

Don’t answer if you are going to say no.

Administrator answers:

Satellite view Shows only the satellite image.
Hybrid View Shows the satellite image with streets outlined.
This is the same on the iPhone as well as a regular computer.

Donald asks…

How to put tags on google maps to show friends where to park?

I am trying to edit google maps or some sorta map thing that I can show to my friends to let them know where to park and where to meet up.

I used the google map maker but that changes the whole thing permanantly. I added a parking marker and it is pending.

I just need an application so taht I dont have to draw a map by hand and put an X on where to park.
How do I do this?

Administrator answers:

1. To use Google Maps, first you have to either SIGN UP or SIGN IN with your email
address and a password.
2. Click the box in top, right-hand corner to enable either a plain, or a satellite map.
3. Move around the map and zoom in to where you want to put the placemark.
4. At top left, click the box labelled “My places”.
5. Click on the red box labelled “CREATE MAP”. Enter title, e.g. “Party” and save it.
6. You’ll notice 3 icons pop up at top left of map. Click on the middle one, which is
“Add a placemark”. Then drag it to the spot you want (it will move whether or not you
depress the left mouse button). Then click it again and enter a title and/or description,
e.g. “Meeting Place”. Then click “OK”. If you get it wrong or want to change it, click
on the icon that will pop up on the left panel, so you can delete it.
7. For privacy and sharing settings, click on either “Public” or “Unlisted”.

If you want to put more than one icon on your map, unfortunately, they’re all the same
shape and the same colour, and you can’t add text. However, the right-most icon at
the top allows you to draw lines and shapes, so to differentiate between placemarks,
you may have to get creative.

David asks…

How can i get google maps back on my iphone ?

I can’t stand Apple’s own maps, i need back the google maps. Apple`s maps are way yo wrong to use.How can i get google maps back on my iphone ?

Administrator answers:

Try this link………


not as good as the old app but will get you by until they release something on the app store :-)

Donna asks…

How can i find an address on google maps?

There is a house I am looking at on Google Maps and I don’t know how to find the address. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Assuming the US you have at least two options:

- Find a commercial spot (supermarket, theater, etc) near the house and make an approximation


- Residential areas show street names and some house numbers – which can also reduce the guesswork

Nancy asks…

how does google maps get the approximate location form the mobile network?

Google maps mobile can fetch you your approximate location in a certain range. What API does it use to do this? It has to be something that the mobile exposes. How to get hold of the API?

Administrator answers:

Actually there will a big different when browser the on PC. Mobile phone has application that suitable. Maps mobile needs update to connect the desire connection you really want.

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