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Your Questions About Google Maps

September 18, 2012

Michael asks…

How to use google maps on my android without wifi?

I have an htc desire hd and although it comes with locations, I would like to use google maps but without the use of data. Can I just download the map of my location with google maps or is it constantly in need of wifi? Thanks

Administrator answers:

First of all, you worded your question wrong
and no unless you have wifi everywhere you go you will need data to use google maps in various locations

Mandy asks…

How does Google maps on an iPod Touch work out where you are?

I have an iPod touch and just got the upgrade so it has google maps. There is a locator function that can pinpoint where I am and shows it on the map. Since the Touch uses wireless not cell phone signal, how is it locating me?

Administrator answers:

It locates you via your router so if your using your neighbors internet it would locate his house instead of yours and so forth. Hope that helps you out

Thomas asks…

How do you copy maps from google images?

I need to copy part of a map form ‘google maps‘ for a project I am doing, but I can’t do the usual ‘right click-copy-paste’. Does anyone know how to copy the map whilst you are on the part you want?

Administrator answers:

Take a screenshot of it. Mac: Shift-CMD-4 and drag the handles around what you want to keep. It will leave a “Picture.png” file on your desktop. Windows: Alt-PrintScreen

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