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Your Questions About Google Maps

July 28, 2013

Thomas asks…

How to display route between two places on a website using google maps ?

i want to display route between two points in google maps and embed it in a can i do it ?

Administrator answers:

It’s actually a bit complicated but it can be done. Here’s some tutorials that should get you on the right track:

Susan asks…

How did google maps get the street view for their maps?

I’m looking at the street view for an address I typed in on google maps, and it just baffles me to think that somebody went up and down the streets all around the US taking pictures every 25 ft. If it were just satellites taking the pictures, how did they get so detailed at the angle they are shown (like you are standing on the street looking) Anyone know the answer?

Administrator answers:

Yup, Shane is right. They really do drive around in a car with a camera mounted on top and take pictures of the neighborhood. My geek-savy husband read about it in a tech-blog just before they started doing it, and I have seen an job posting online for the driver. You should search for your house, it’s amazing how much detail they have captured (a little scary, too!)

Sandy asks…

How do I get Google Maps to show city and county boundaries?

Since hardly any of them are perfectly square, one cannot assume that what appears when one searches for a city or county displays only the city or county. Even if it did, one would want to see what lies just outside the boundaries. (If you know of better resources than Google Maps, please provide a link.) I believe there are broken lines showing the boundaries but they are VERY hard to see amidst the streets, roads, highways, rivers, etc.

Administrator answers:

Download Google earth software to see the boundaries.
When u opened google earth, try to active the in Layers part.

Paul asks…

How do you measure how many miles there are when using Google Maps?

I need to be able to measure how many miles it is from one place to another on Google Maps. But I don’t know how. Could someone please help me? Thanks so much to everyone who answered.

Administrator answers:

Google maps labs (a little green chemical bottle in the top right) has an option to add a distance measurement tool. Apparently it is “not ready for prime time” but works well for me.

Ruth asks…

How do I change google maps current location?

When I’m on google maps on the Internet on my iPod touch, it shows my current location about 6 houses down. How do I change my current location or is it like the closest satellite or something. Thanks

Administrator answers:

You are limited to how close civilian GPS data will let you get. I believe it is plus or minus 3 meters or so but that depends on the area and what service you are using. You can get pretty accurate but not spot on.

John asks…

What’s the difference between Google Maps & Google Places?

I went through the whole Places form and when I was finished it looked just like my Maps listing. Am I missing something? And if so, what can I do to take advantage of Google Places? My listing includes all contact and business info including web site links and photos. What else?

Administrator answers:

Google Maps is just a collection of maps and locations whereas Google Places is information about a specific location on Google Maps. If you login to your Places account, it will prompt you to fill in any information you have missed.

Laura asks…

How Do You Copy and Paste Map Pictures off of google maps?

How do you copy a map picture from google maps?

Administrator answers:

Use Print Screen (Prt Scr) to copy. & [past it in any editing software by pressing Ctrl+V

Joseph asks…

How do I get Google Maps on my phone?

I want to be able to view google maps or any other mapping program on my mobile phone which is a w810i Sony ericsson which supports jar files. But I don’t want it to cost. Is there anyway I can save the images of the map onto my phone. I have a 4GB memory card.

Administrator answers:

If u subscribe there with u r phone neumber link sent to u r phone directly
go through this site man.. It will show how to get maps on phone..


Helen asks…

Why google maps had different detail to every country?

I live in Israel, and I’v noticed that if I am zooming in google maps on for example on NY, so the streets look so good detailed.
But if I am zooming in on some street in Israel, the quality is so bad that sometimes he says “no picture”…

So why is it like that? What do they have several satellites with different quality cameras?

Administrator answers:

Google is based on US. So, they have the edge over all the other countries i guess

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