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Your Questions About Google Mail

June 17, 2013

Richard asks…

How do I contact Google Mail for support by phone from the UK?

I need support on my Google mail account, I have tried Google in London, but the receptionist is unwilling to put me through to anyone who can gelp me. Is there anyone who can help me to find someone at Google Mail who will be prepared to talk to me?

Administrator answers:

Try calling one of the following US phone numbers:
Hope they’ll be able to put you through to someone competent.
Good Luck.

Donald asks…

why cant i attach document in my google mail from my google chrome browser?

the link to attach document in my google mail just donrt work when clicked, so i cannot attach document, but it is odd that when i tried with others account, the link worked just fine. i think the browser is up to date. mozilla and IE browser is not loading google mail at all

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, I cannot offer a solution because I do not know what is causing the program. However I can offer a workaround. Try Google Docs, it allows you to store and edit documents like Microsoft Office. It also allows you to share them with other users, and the users can modify them with you in real time. It is a pretty good alternative. You can also get Google Cloud Sync for Office that allows files that you work with in Office to automatically synchronize to Docs. If you want to share a doc, you can just send a link rather than the actual file and anyone who has the link can edit it provided that you have allowed them access or that it is a public doc. Hope this helps.


William asks…

How to have fast and easy set-up and installation for Google Apps?

I wish to configure Google mail server and security setting in my workplace, ho to get that?

Administrator answers:

Set-up & Install Google Apps

Fast and easy set-up and installation for Google Apps tailored to meet your requirements For a fixed fee of $59.99, iYogi will customize the installation of Google Apps in two stages:

Administrator Set-up
Create a deployment strategy to customize the implementation for your businessSetup Google Apps as a mail serverCustomize email, calendar, docs and spreadsheet URLs for your domainImplement changes in your email server to use Google AppsConfigure security settings for online documents
End-user Set-up

Create new user accountsConfigure contact & calendar sharing Set-up Google Chat
Instant Support

Google Apps Only

Get fast resolutions to errors and problems Optimize usage & efficiency with Google Apps How-to support on
Using Google Apps Collaboration FunctionalityCustomizati

Experience the Best Technical Support

iYogi’s technical specialists customize deployment of Google Apps for your
business to help you effectively communicate and collaborate across your organization. With a customer satisfaction rate of 93% across more than 50,000 customers, iYogi is the best technical support for small businesses.

Sharon asks…

How to save all my yahoo messenger chats in yahoo mail account as like in gmail?

Google mail provides the facility to save all chats in gmail account.Is there any way by which i can save my yahoo messenger chats also in my yahoo account?

Administrator answers:

We are working on this feature right now! It should be available soon.

In the meantime, you can save a chat by converting it into an email and send it to yourself. Here’s how:

1. Finish your chat. Then, before you close the chat tab, click the envelope icon in the upper-right corner. It’s one of three buttons above the chat window, to the right. Click it to convert your chat to an email.
2. Your chat is now an email with a blank “To:” field. Send it to yourself by typing your own email address after “To:”. When you receive it, file it in the folder your prefer

Robert asks…

Youtube log in requires Google mail account?

I’m trying to log into my long-established youtube account. It accepts my password, but won’t let me actually in to my account unless I create and link it to a Google mail account. I have a yahoo email account, and don’t need another and kind of don’t like being forced to. Anyone know if I can bypass the Google account thing in some way and still use youtube?

Administrator answers:

You cannot bypass You Tube’s requirement to use your Google email login, however, you can do what I did. I too, did not want to have a G-Mail account along with my Yahoo accounts, so what I did was create a Google account which automatically creates a G-Mail account. Once the Google account is created, you now can close your G-Mail account, but you have to supply any email address to keep the Google account open. I just put in my everyday Yahoo email account. So now when I log into my Google account, I use my Yahoo email address. When I first logged into You Tube after I created the Google account, I just used my Yahoo email address and later created a new password. It works for me. You Tube does notice it isn’t a G-Mail account, but in reality that’s the email address I use to log into my Google account, which I never do. It’s no big deal to me having a Google account I don’t use.

Unless they changed procedures, it should work, that is, if you don’t want a G-Mail account.

Mandy asks…

how do i delete both my youtube and my google mail account ?

hi basically i was wondering if someone on here could help or guide my through deleting both my youtube and google mail account (i think they are linked ?) as i dont use either of them anymore.

thankyou very much for your help

Administrator answers:

Hi! I can help.. I was going to writte all the steps step by step but i found that this would be easier for me and easier for you…


this is a step by step video on how to delete your gmail account which will delete your youtube one because youtube is google property…

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