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Your Questions About Google Images

June 3, 2013

Steven asks…

How do you put pictures on Google Images?

Do you know were there is pics in google images how can i put pics on google.What do i do?

Administrator answers:

You can’t put it on Google Images! What you can do is put your photos first at photobucket and then you give tags to your photo at photobucket and the description that will contain the words that people find in Google Images! And tick if there’s the option (put my pictures on search engine)

Helen asks…

Can you get a virus on your computer from saving a picture from Google images?

I have searched this topic online and the answers vary. Some say you can get a virus and some say you can’t. I have saved hundreds of pictures to my computer from Google images and I have never gotten a virus from them.

Administrator answers:

From saving a picture – no. A jpeg or png or any type of image file isn’t a virus. You need to download some kind of .exe, .dll or such kind of file.

However you can get a virus if you happen to click on a thumbnail in the list of google images if the thumbnail is a link to a virus website and you happen to accidentally click on some kind link on the website which may download some kind of virus to your PC.

Mark asks…

How do you post photo bucket pictures to google images?

I want to post my pictures from photo bucket to google images.
If this way isn’t possible what is another way?
The pictures aren’t of “me” but of my pets and all that, that I’f like to share with everyone

Administrator answers:

You cannot place your images to Google Images
simply by submitting on Google Images…
The Google images are being crawled by Google
coming from Blogs or some other site…

George asks…

How can I hide my Twitter account or at least my Twitter profile picture from Google search and Google Images?

I do not want my twitter account and twitter profile picture to be able to be searched on Google and Google images at all. Can anyone help because i want my privacy when it comes to things like this.

Administrator answers:

Well i tryed to do this a year back i removed my pictures on Facebook/Twitter then after a few months google removes your pictures on Google Images

Ruth asks…

How do you put a picture from google images into your photos on your computer?

I want to add a picture from Google images into the “My pictures folder”. I do not know much about computers so how do I do that?

Administrator answers:

I’m using Windows XP, so it may differ slightly on a newer version, but…

Get the image full size (doesn’t have to be, but it makes it easier and saves larger)
Right click on the image and select “Save image as…”
The save box should pop up
On the left hand side (or maybe from the drop down list on the top) select “My Documents”
My pictures should be part of that
Then just name the file and save it, and wallah!

Good luck, hope that helped!

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