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Your Questions About Google Images

April 30, 2013

Maria asks…

Do you have to have permission from google images to use there photos in a book you are writing?

Ive wrote a book and the images i used are from Google images. Can i publish the book without having to ask them if i can use the images.

Administrator answers:

Google images is just the search engine. The images are not hosted by Google. You need to ask the owner of the images themselves, and you can probably find out how to contact them via the web site URL that Google takes you to.

And yes, you will probably need permission for each photo if you intend on publishing a book.

James asks…

What the heck happened to google images?

I used to turn the safe search off and type in somethin like blonde on google images and come up with all kinds of decent free porn, but now, it aint no option to modify yer safe search. Where am I supposed to go to find that good ole free porn from google?

Administrator answers:

Go on google images and click on advanced search and on the last line there is the safe search option

Michael asks…

How to remove an image from Google images?

Hi, fans i want to remove my image from Google images. How can i do this? Please suggest me !

Administrator answers:

Hello Friend

If you want to remove a image which is coming in google images then you have to follow following Steps:-
1. Find out the Original Name of the image
2. Find out the source from where images is cached in Google.
3. Delete the image from that source
4. Wait for a month may be remove with in 78 hours but maximum in a month your image will be removed.
Actually this come under the image optimization and brand optimization.

Nancy asks…

How do you put somrthing on google images?

There is a pic I wanna put on google images but I don’t know how, plz tell me! 10 points!

Administrator answers:

You cant. The way google images works is that it searches all websites for your search. Say you typed in “miley cyrus sucks” ( :D ) it would search the whole web for pictures that relate to it and show the more popular ones at the beginning. You have to put ur picture on another website (i reccomend photobucket) and in one of the pages it should turn up in google images eventually. Give it lots of tags like Immortal. Said.

Helen asks…

Is it legal to use google images on websites?

Is it legal to use google images on websites? Or will I get in trouble?

Administrator answers:

U can get into trouble. Google just find images off webpages and posts links in google images. You need concent from whoever the image is origionally from

Paul asks…

How do I put a picture on google images?

I really want to know how to put pictures on google images. Please give me step by step guidance.

Administrator answers:

You can’t put a picture on Google images. You’ll just have to place it publicly on another site and wait for the Google search crawlers to pick it up.

Jenny asks…

How can i get my photos on Google images?

i have a photos i really want to get on google images. its a Scarface poster i made of myself. i downloaded Picasa and uploaded my images on web albums. i would really appreciate it if someone can tell me how to get my image on google images? does picasa work? i want it to be on the first display page. so if someone types Scarface, my photo will be right on the first display page. pleaseeee help.

Administrator answers:

You can’t put photos in Google images, those images are gathered the same way as search results are for Google, by their crawlers indexing sites and collecting data.

Publish the photos as public albums via Picasa Web Albums.
Use captions to help identify the pictures.
They won’t come up immediately on Google image search but they will eventually.

Good luck.

Mark asks…

How do I get my photo on google images?

I want to type in my full name on google images and have my picture pop up, but how?

Administrator answers:

Your picture has to be in some website(s) so that it can come up in Google Image search results. Also, it might be beneficial if the site has a lot of visitors/traffic.

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