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Your Questions About Google Earth

April 17, 2013

Chris asks…

How do I make a zoom movie with google earth pro movie maker?

I’m trying to make a simple zoom animation from space to a point on the earth in google earth pro with movie maker. I can’t figure out how to do it. There must be a few simple steps. Please explain.

Administrator answers:

You cant its illegal just static views and others but no video capturing p.s im a google admin

Jenny asks…

How long does google earth take to download?

I’m also downloading google earth plug in but they are taking forever. Does anyone know how long it should take?

Administrator answers:

On an average network connection it would take approx. 5 minutes.

Average Network speed divided by download size…

Betty asks…

What determines the freqency of image updates on google earth?

Yes, this is yahoo answers and not google answers but I was curious to know this. I was thinking that the frequency of the image updates on google earth are probably updated by how much the area is clicked on by users. Is there any reporting that can be done to have a request for these updates? I feel like some areas are updated more than others and I just want to have some ideas on why.

Administrator answers:

Weather, time of day when a satellite is over the area, the party that owns the satellite needs to make it available to the google eggheads and some countries want to screen what is placed out there for the public to see

i would think high populated areas would be updated more often
i would think wooded areas in northern Canada/Russia would be pretty much unchanged for decades
i would think a large body of water would still have the same islands from one year to the next

look into Google Earth help area, they do talk about image updates

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