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Your Questions About Google Earth

November 20, 2012

David asks…

How do you use Google Earth to travel a distance along a heading?

I have coordinates (38°25’26.97″N, 82°25’38.33″W) for a start position and I have to use Google Earth to travel 6,270.37 miles along a heading of 84.52 degrees. How do I do this in Google Earth? I tried everything possible and still can’t figure it out.

Administrator answers:

There is a measure function. It looks like a ruler. You start at your coordinates, start point 1, then zoom out with the mouse wheel, extend the line the distance required (by using the arrow keys), at the heading you need (it swings around and you see in the small panel).

Steven asks…

why did google earth only work once on my computer?

I tried to use google earth on my computer, and it worked, but the second time, i didnt know what 2 do, so I downloaded it again, and nothing happened!!!!! Any help?

Administrator answers:

Try reinstalling Google Earth. If that doesn’t work, then try cleaning up your computer or try another computer with different version.

Susan asks…

How to add 3D model to Google Earth so that others can see it?

I’ve finished a 3D model for a place using Google Sketch-up, now I want to add it to Google Earth, how can I do that?

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure but i believe that you have to have Google sketch-up for that l, you can download it for free from their website , but only the trial version .

Charles asks…

Why is street view in google earth not as good as in google maps?

The title is pretty self explanatory.
Google maps has a street view that flows, and is much more convenient to use than the one in google earth, the one in google earth floods my screen with camera icons, and feels really dodgy when I try to move around.
Am I missing an option here? Or is it really like that.. And if so, why?

Administrator answers:

The quality itself is the same, but the user experience using google maps versus google earth is different.

Lisa asks…

What is the best site to view satelite images of Earth like google-earth?

If you’ve heard of/seen google earth, you know what i’m talking about. What is the best site that lets you see images of earth: where you can pan and zoom in anywhere, with sharp, clear images?

Administrator answers:

Google earth

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