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Your Questions About Google Earth

July 15, 2013

Sandy asks…

How do you stop Google Earth turning into night mode?

When I go to Google Earth it keeps going to night mode. How do you stop that?

Administrator answers:

Just click on the sun part or u click on the same thing u did to put it on night mode.

Thomas asks…

GOOGLE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I downloaded google eath and after saying it was successfully downloaded, it was nowhere on my computer

Administrator answers:

Hate to say it but that might mean that it could be a virus in the worst case. I don’t know how you downloaded google earth completely because you have to pay for the full version. I would scan the computer with and Anit-virus (I prefer Kasperkey Anit-Virus because it is the best one ever made and that’s a fact). Then try to download it again. If that doesn’t work, I would contact your computer company and ask them about whats happening. Hope I helped.

Richard asks…

How do I update google earth satellite pictures?

Ok. I am on my itouch 4g 64GB.Then u am on google earth. Then I have the satilite of my house in 2009 and it is 2011 how do I update it?

Administrator answers:

You can’t the Google Earth pics are maintained by certain governmental agencies and are scoured when taken to blur out peoples faces or other unwanted images, flying airplanes, ufos . Then they are uploaded so that google can access them..New pictures have probably been taken but it takes a while for them to be posted due to this “cleaning process” this is why you never see a plane in flight in flight on google earth. And why it takes a long time to update the pictures used for google earth.

John asks…

How do you install google earth onto ps3?

I tried to download google earth on ps3 and it said to insert storage media. I inserted my jumpdrive and it installed. now what?

Administrator answers:

Ok you cant put Google earth on your ps3 unless u have Linux.
And now that you download it on your jump-drive. Plug it in to your computer and there u can install it to your computer only to your computer.

William asks…

How do I make a map of my patrol route using google earth?

I drive a patrol route for a private security company and have about thirty apartment buildings and business I check nightly. I want to use Google Earth to make a map of all my accounts. I just don’t know how to to do it. Is there a way to make a new layer and add the addresses or what? I’m just not very competent with the program and could use some advice on the most efficient way to do this.

Administrator answers:

Yes, type in the address of one of your buildings. Google will find it. You can then drop a pin there, saving the location. Do this with all the buildings. You can then map the route from Building 1 to building 2 to building 3 and so on.

See the link for the pertinent section of the Google Earth user guide.

Donna asks…

How good is the quality of images taken by spy satellites compared to Google Earth ?

I think all of you must have seen how relatively clear images provided by Google Earth are.
Now, I am fully aware that such info linked with technology like this is highly classified, so my question is just about guessing and thoughts.
It is widely known on the internet that one of the spy satellites used by the US military is the KH-11, with the capability to detect objects of 6 inches.

Now, compared to images seen on google earth, is this a better quality ?
Like can these satellites be used to spy on a small gunfight like the one that they killed Bin Laden in ?

Just tell me what you know about the capabilities of these modern spy satellites.

Administrator answers:

You know that virtually all of Google Earth are photos taken from air-breather platforms, not satellites at all. The Google shot of your house, where you can see your car in the driveway in full color is NOT from a satellite.

Google contracts out with a number of geo-spatial mapping companies to take their photos – all from aircraft for the most part. Only the extreme zoom-out photos are from commercial mapping satellites.

And you should also know that the only way you are going to get live-feed action video / still shots is with a air-breather platform orbiting the action. We don’t have the capability you see in the movies.

James asks…

How to use flash to come up with something like google earth?

It is like google earth, where the user can twist and the turn the whole earth, etc. And also, information of the specific place would come up when the mouse hovers over the place. Please help, thank you.
if it isn’t possible, are there any alternative method? or what can i do to let it resemble google earth and with information coming up when the mouse hovers over it some way or another? can you give some websites that will help?

Administrator answers:

It’s hard to say because Google Earth was programmed in a language like C++ or C#. I don’t believe flash has the capability to dynamically re-update images upon zooming in and out. The most you could probably get is a sphere with an earth texture applied to it where it can rotate.

Donald asks…

What is the version or update of Google Earth that you can click the picture in front of a house and see it?

on google earth, you can go to an address and there is a little button in front of the house or place. that button allows you to see a picture of the house?

Administrator answers:

Your talking about “Street View.” You don’t even have to have Google Earth to use it. Its available in google maps. Its available for a lot of locations, but not everywhere. More locations get added as the google earth cars record more places.


Ruth asks…

How do you create hi-res images for image overlay in Google Earth?

I would like to make an image overlay for Google Earth that color codes the counties in Texas. I can’t find a tutorial anywhere on the internet, but have found examples for other states. I would like to be able to separate each county by different colors to easily distinguish them. I was able to find tutorials, however, that explained the process of taking an image and making an overlay, just not how to make the image itself!!! Any help would be much appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I usually take overlapping images zoomed in and assemble them with Photoshop using the photomerge command.

Start by panning across the state in Google Earth and saving images. Make sure the areas overlap each other from one image to the next. The more you zoom in, the higher res. Your final image will be, but also the more images it will take to create it.

In photoshop, open ALL of the images and go to File – Automate – Photomerge and it will match the pixels and assemble the small images to create a large one.

It can be time consuming, but this is the only way I know how to do it for free. Hope it helps.

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