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Your Questions About Google Docs

May 7, 2013

Lisa asks…

Can I get Google docs to correct grammer like word?

When I use Google docs it doesn’t correct capitol I. Also it doesn’t capitalize the first word in a sentence. Is there a way to fix it?

Administrator answers:

The spelling correction is adequate, but there is no grammar check.

I will look into this a bit more or ask my husband (he works for Google and figures things out pretty easily). I’ll edit if I get any more info, unless someone else has a better idea.

Thomas asks…

How do you lock a colum in a spreadsheet on Google Docs?

I’ve got a public spreadsheet on Google Docs and I want to lock the sheet so anyone can edit the first 2 columns, but only I can edit the other columns.

Administrator answers:

I have a friend named Colum and I am sure he would not like it.

Daniel asks…

How do I download my documents uploaded on google docs?

Recently, Google Docs has been on the fritz. And I’m very upset. I cannot download any of my files that I have uploaded to their system. And I know that there are so many of us out there that have trusted google, especially with this cloud business, and uploaded so many important documents to their servers. They have truly let us down. Please help.

Administrator answers:

Open your Google document, Click on File > Download (within the document not the browser), select the download format you prefer and save the file on your local drive. I’m able to do it from my account, don’t know why you should have a problem.

Nancy asks…

Can I upload folders and contained files to Google Docs?

I have a lot of documents that I’d like to upload to Google Docs to back up and share. These are all sorted into dozens of folders and subfolders on my computer’s hard drive. Is it possible for me to upload these files to Google Docs en-masse, without having to create all the folders and do it folder-by-folder?

Administrator answers:

No. Currently you can only upload files to google docs

EDIT: if you want to use an external program to upload stuff to google docs, you risk to have your account locked by google because you are in violation of their terms of service.


see paragraph 5.3

George asks…

How can i save a google docs power point presenation?

Okay reallly need help now or Im gonna fail my exam tomorrow.
I need to do a power point presentation – I dont have the software though aaaaargh.
If i do a power point presentation on google docs can i save it onto a memory stick and then play it on my teachers computer …. my worry is there is no internet connection in the lab where i am doing my presentatopn help

Administrator answers:

The thing is like this: in google docs you make your presentation and save it , so far it is on the google clouds; now to have it on your pc, harddisk, you have to download it first, it comes then where all your downloads go ex: users,yourname,downloads or users,yourname,documents,downloads. Now it is on your harddisk, then you can copy and past it on your thumbdrive. So, you work in google docs and save on google docs, never on your hdd, but if you like to have it on your hdd, you will always have to download it . I hope it is clear.
By the way: why don’t you use ‘impress’ from Open Office? It is freeware and also save as .ppt.

Jenny asks…

How can I make my data safe when I enter it in google docs?

I use google docs to store documents such as spreadsheets and fax covers and find it useful. Is it safe to store sensitive data there, or can others easily get to my stuff?

Administrator answers:

I have never used it, but as stated here by Legal Adrew its not safe. Http://

I dont thiink there is a way to make it safe.

Sandy asks…

How to use Google Docs in our class?

Hello! We would like to use Google Docs for making our work in the class easier but we aren’t having any good ideas. Can you please share your ideas with us? Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Hi, I have been using Google docs since a long time now, the best could be using as database, grouping, sharing etc. Off late I found there is this tool called CollateBox which can be very handy to work during class hours.

Richard asks…

Is there some possibility how to insert YouTube video into Google Docs Document?

I need publish youtube video in my Google Docs document. Only link to YouTube is not enough for me.

Administrator answers:

Sorry but Google Docs doesn’t have a video feature. You can use Adobe Acrobat Live to do that. It’s guaranteed to work but I don’t think it’s free.

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