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Your Questions About Google Docs

April 10, 2013

Chris asks…

Can i put an auto generated number in google docs form confirmation?

I have a registration form in google docs, after visitors fill out the form, i would like to give them a unique confirmation number email, is there a way i can do this?
If not are there any free google docs alternatives (like Zoho,ether pad, open go,buzz word,etc) that will allow me to do this?

Administrator answers:


Sandy asks…

How do you add a document from the iPhone app DraftPad to Google Docs?

It there a way take a document from the iPhone app DraftPad, and save it in Google Docs?

Administrator answers:

You can backup it to computer,try to search some backup software.
I just know one spftware for music transfer called itransferstudio 4.0.
There is another way : you can upload the file to your email online.
Good luck

William asks…

Is there something similiar to google docs where I can store lists and documents online?

I want to be able to store documents online and be able to access them from different computers for my own personal use. They are microsoft word docs and excel docs. I have been using google docs but I have some issues with it. is anyone else familiar with google docs and is there something out that similiar to it but better?

Administrator answers:

I would install DropBox on your computers and let the service sync your files to the other computers. When you make a change on one computer, the changes will be replicated on the other computers. Google Docs isn’t a real word processor so you may experience problems with formatting, etc. If you use DropBox, you can keep your documents’ original formatting and keep using MS Word and Excel to edit them.

Paul asks…

What are the main difference between Google Docs and Excel?

Are there any advantages of excel over Google docs as I have used both and see no major difference. Try and be specific please.

Administrator answers:

Google Docs is the name of a software program by Google that is similar in nature to Microsoft Office. You’re trying to compare the entire suite of software (Google Docs) to one software program Excel. Google Docs provides a software like Microsoft Word (called “documents”), Microsoft Excel (called “spreadsheets”), Microsoft Powerpoint (called “Presentations”) and two more programs caled “Drawings” and “Forms”. I assume you are really wanting to compare the “Spreadsheets” program to Excel? It is definitely very similar to Excel 2003 and will get the job done unless you require some of the advanced features that are a part of Excel 2007/2010

But the primary purpose behind Google Docs (all of their programs) is to provide a way to share your files online with other people and to be able to access and edit/create new, files from any computer anywhere…hence the ability to “share”.

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