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Your Questions About Google Docs

November 27, 2012

Sharon asks…

How Can I move my presentation from Google Docs to a removable disk?

I made a powerpoint on Google Docs and I need to get it on my removable disk to take to school.

Administrator answers:

Open the Doc, goto “File” Download as, and after download copy it to your disk

Mark asks…

How do you email an attachment using Google Docs?

I have scanned some documents and would like to email it using Google Docs. How do I do this? I already have a gmail account.Thanks sooo much!

Administrator answers:

Just sent a picture with Google. Click Gmail sign in. Click Compose Mail. Click attach a file, a drop down box will open. If what you want like My Pictures is not there click the small green folder with the green arrow tell it appears. Then double click to open it, select a picture, double click on the picture to attach it. Repeat to add more pictures.

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